Friday Favorites: Instagram Laughs, Lip Sync Battle, Engagement Photo

I have missed so many Friday posts that my phone was exploding with funny Instagram finds. I’m about to smash you in the face with some laughter. Sorry that there is so much Yeezy and Jay Z. Just happened that way.

I don’t know about you but when I am feeling sad and blue I turn to my salad for a good joke.


If you are single and looking for a new partner I have the answer for you below…


Flying bugs… I just can’t


Seriously though…


I do a pretty good job concealing the pain inside….


This just cracks me up!


You need to be able to just go there sometimes…


I have a new favorite TV show that I am obsessed with. However, I only watch it on YouTube because I am lazy that way. Here are my favorite battles so far.

My Favorite engagement picture so far…

engaged preview.5

Shouts out to the Link-ups below.

Friday Favorites


2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Instagram Laughs, Lip Sync Battle, Engagement Photo

  1. I’ve missed you sweet girl! This post is absolutely what I needed on a Monday morning… even though it’s a Friday post! Unfortuntely, staying on top of blog reading has kind of taken a back seat for a bit. So I catch up when I can. Everything about this post was simply amazing, but I think my fave is that gorgeous picture at the bottom! I hope you have it blown up in a frame. Happy Monday ❤

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