Who’s this?

Talk about taking a break for awhile. I basically disappeared into the internet as if this little place never even existed. I admit that I got a bit too caught up in trying to produce content that people would want to read instead of just writing about what I wanted to say and not feeling the need to write if I had nothing to say. I started to force posts that were boring and not all that fun. I “met” some pretty great bloggers that stayed up with my blog and vice versa and I feel bad for just disappearing and not even reading other blogs anymore. So here I am. Back to just do what I wanted to do all along. Write. I have no plans to make any money from this blog. I just want to write about my life and talk to you guys again.

Now for a quick life update. My son is doing great, so close to turning 4 that he just can’t stop talking about it. I love this age. I love how excited he gets about things he loves to do. It has taught me so much about myself and given me the patience that I never knew existed. My wedding is fast approaching. September 5th is just around the corner and we are busy trying to get everything ready. I’m so excited! I’m ready. We bought a camera and have been making all kinds of videos lately. We love looking back at life and enjoying those moments all over again. It is amazing how much we all change in a short period of time.

I am also very active in my fitness goals. I’ve been hitting that gym like crazy and the Facebook challenge group that my friend and I started is in its 3rd challenge! We love doing it and giving away a prize at the end of each challenge. The group is always small; less than 20 people for the most part. If you want to join just let me know and you can be added as the newest challenge just started last week and goes for 12 weeks.

With that, I will leave a couple of photos. If you follow me on IG (cmarq01) than you have already seen these.



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