My Life According to Pictures

While I was on my blogcation I was still taking pictures of everything. If you follow me on IG than you probably have seen most of these photos already. I figured it would be best to do a quick recap of what you missed or didn’t miss while I was away.

March Madness happened and my Louisville Cardinals made it to the Elite Eight. I think they could have won the entire championship but hey, I am one of those fans that will believe my team can do it all no matter how poor the regular season went. I am happy they made it where they did. Many people didn’t think we would even make it to the round of 32. Duke won the championship and I am pleased with that. They are a fellow ACC team and Kentucky fans hate Duke and I hate Kentucky so there you have it. (Kentucky wasn’t in the final game but I just don’t like when they win… I’m terrible like that and I accept it.)

Funny story, I have a grandmother in Colorado that can’t seem to understand that even though I live in Kentucky, I do not like Kentucky basketball and the team I cheer for is Louisville. She will comment on all my Facebook pictures during March Madness cheering for Kentucky. I have corrected her a million times; oh well… gotta love our grandmas!


Next up, I was lucky enough to get a flat tire on my way to dropping my son off at daycare before I head in to work. Thankfully my younger brother lives in the city (Brandon was at work with no phone access) and was willing to come help me change the tire. Upon arrival we get the spare tire out and as he is about to change the flat he points out that I have a special lug nut on my tire that needs a ‘lug nut key’. Apparently it deters people from stealing your tires; a problem I have never encountered and wasn’t really aware that people may want my Jeep tires.

I just purchased this vehicle in July and since I had never heard of this mysterious ‘lug nut key’, I didn’t think to make sure I had one. You can’t even buy this key from Auto Zone. You have to get it directly from the dealership and they will not sell it to you unless you bring them the car.


So then you have your younger brother take your son to daycare so that you can have your car towed to a delearship because you have a flat tire that requires a special ‘key’ to be able to change and they didn’t provide you with said key. I called the dealership and politely inquired as to why this wasn’t something that was in the car when it was purchased. What if I would have gotten a flat tire at 12am in the middle of nowhere?

Upon arrival to the dealership they inform me that it will be about 3 hours before my car is ready. Due to their mistake they did end up giving me a new tire for the low low price of free. I’m a huge baby, I can’t tell you how many times I cried and then had to hide it when people were around me. I prefer to wallow in my sorrows alone.


Next up, Easter happened. Look at this cutie just stealing the show making all of us look bad. He insisted on wearing his tie on the outside of his vest. It could be the new fashion craze for all I know.


We ate food that day and tried to take the best possible photo. We look really great together.


We went to Thunder over Louisville where my son used his super human strength to lift an Army helicopter all by himself. For those who are unaware, Thunder is a massive Fireworks and airshow that kicks off the events for the Kentucky Derby Festival. Lots of stuff happens, lots of fried food is prepared, lots of strangers come to town and I hate the traffic.


Now that we have gotten caught up on our missing time together I feel at peace. I hope to see you again this week. I’m putting in some extra effort. Check out the #linkup.

#Hashtaghumpday @ Genuinely Lauren

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