You Better Work It!

Yesterday after work I went to the gym and got all sweaty. I have been taking a pre-workout for the past couple of weeks to help me make myself actually go to the gym. For some reason, I can have absolutely no desire to go to the gym. Five minutes later, I take a pre-workout and BAM! I absolutely have to take my but to the gym because I took a pre-workout and what would I do with all that if I didn’t go and burn some energy? Sometimes I wonder if the pre-workout is really just Kool-Aid and the idea itself is enough to make you go to the gym. Kind of like when Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan gave the other Looney tunes a drink for a bottle labeled “Michael’s Secret Stuff”, except it was only water…. Either way, I use it at most, three times per week because I don’t want to over do it. Plus I like to think that I have the will power to make myself go without being mentally tricked into it.

The challenge group that I host on Facebook requires photo evidence of the workouts. First, you post a sweaty selfie to prove that you did some work.


If you do any cardio machines then you post a picture after the workout. I did a 1 mile HIIT workout on the treadmill. I can finish a mile faster when I just run it straight through but I like the sweat that I produce when I do a HIIT workout. They are pretty intense and my body just loves it. Not really, I am dying at the end of each sprint interval but I know that I am pushing myself.


I did some weightlifting also and when I don’t know what the workout is called I try to take a picture of the machine if I don’t have someone to take a picture of me doing the motion. First I used free weights and did some lawn-mowers using a 30 pound weight. After that I used 15 pound free-weights to do two different style grips of bench press. I usually do three sets of each for about 10-15 reps.

Next I used the machine pictured below to do some seated pull-downs (is that what they are called?) using 60 lbs.

workit.2After that I did two versions of standing pull-downs using between 27-37 pounds for 3 sets of 10-12. The first version was with my arms extended and I would pull the bar down to my hips. The second version, I would start with my arms extended straight down and then raise up to a bit more than a 90 degree angle and pull back down. I’m not sure if that makes any sense; if not just ask and I can try to find the actual terms for the workout.


I also bought a guided journal that is all about fitness. I’m going to do it for a few weeks and let you know what I think about it. I am pretty sure it will be helpful as long as I do it. I have read that people who write during their journey are more successful at sticking to their fitness goals. Until next time, you better work it!


6 thoughts on “You Better Work It!

  1. soo what are these pre workouts? sounds like i need something like that lol.
    that first machine is called a lat pull down, i think. works your.. um, lats? haha. its a good machine! it’s one of the only machines i use when i go to the gym.. which isn’t often.. hence the needing the pre workout thingy lol

    • There are all kinds of different pre-workouts. I take C4 Ripped Cherry Limeade flavor. It does make my face and hands tingle until I start working out. As soon as I workout that feeling goes away. You are supposed to take it within 20-30 minutes of working out and have no caffeine within 6 hours of taking it… I think it is really good. I do believe that is a lat workout. Thank you! I can never remember all of those terms. Glad to hear from you again. 🙂

  2. Wait, what is a pre-workout? Is it like crack? My only motivation for working out is this gut sticking out over my pants. And now that I’m documenting my week’s workouts on the blog, it helps to keep me focused because I don’t want to write about how I failed and did nothing but stuff my face all week.

    • A pre-workout is a workout supplement in a powder form that you mix with water and drink it. For me, once I drink it I feel obligated to work out and it does make me want to do a little more than I would on my own. It doesn’t make me feel any stronger, just gives me more endurance if that makes sense. I am proud of your workout progress. It is so hard to stick with it, especially as a busy parent that also works! Keep it up girl!

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