Where did I go? Wedding? Babies? Life?

Oh hey, is anyone out there?

Three months into this marriage thing and I finally check back in with you guys.

I have disappeared and reappeared more times than you can probably care to remember.I’m not going to make any excuses. Just chop it up to laziness when I do have the time to say something.

I truly commend all of you bloggers that are able to keep on posting and living life all at the same time. I was all good getting my posts up until you throw a wedding into it. Then I was all like, “Oh my gosh, so many things to do!” I was overwhelmed and just stopped… So anyway. Here are some pictures from my life since my last post.

We ordered our flowers from Sam’s club. Brandon and I arranged all the bouquets for myself and the bridesmaids. The baby’s breathe was used in the centerpieces. Let me know if you would like pictures of the finished centerpieces and bouquets.


I had my nails done with shellac for the day of the wedding.


My lovely grandfather walked me down the aisle.


My son and nephew were the ring bearers. Rebecca Laurel Photography took our engagement and wedding photos.


It was 90+ degrees the day of our wedding and we were sweating something terrible the instant we walked outside. Therefore I opted our of wearing a veil.


Our first photo together the day after the wedding.


We went to Florida for our honeymoon and took Joshua with us. My brother and his wife reside in Florida and since Joshua’s birthday was that week we didn’t want to leave him. He spent a few nights with family so we could have some alone time. This was Brandon’s first time on a Jet Ski.


I was so afraid of dropping my phone in the ocean in this picture but it was necessary to capture!


Joshua loved every single palm tree he saw while we were in Florida.


My youngest brother had a destination wedding a month before me but they had a reception a few months later.


Brandon and I completed the stair climb that benefited Cystic Fibrosis.


We took Joshua took a pumpkin patch.


I have some Christmas photos of course that I can share as well. We have been filming alot of Youtube videos lately and you can check those out by searching “The Halcombs” on twitter, or by clicking this link.


Let me know if you want me to film a video specific to my blog answering anything about what has been going on and how our lives have been since we got married.

In other exciting news. We are trying to conceive after having my mirena removed. I am thinking about doing a serious specifically talking about our journey.

Look forward to hearing from you guys! I’ve missed you.





2 thoughts on “Where did I go? Wedding? Babies? Life?

  1. Love all the photos!! Yes to more posts about the wedding, including more photos!!! And Joshua looks so frikken adorable as a ring bearer! Cannot wait to read your next post and find out more about your journey on conceiving another child! I renewed the lease on my cervix with Mirena earlier this year for another five years but I was thinking about maybe, possibly taking it out and trying for another (as if three kids weren’t enough already) but I was curious about how soon after taking it out would we be able to actually conceive.

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