Take a breather/Lion King Play

I am going to take this week off from blogging because I am a bit behind with work related tasks and I need to get those caught up as soon as possible. If I get caught up before the week is over I will return and grace you with a post that will hopefully make you feel like life has just begin..maybe.

Anyway, while I am here. The feyonce fiancé and I saw the Broadway Lion King play on Friday and it was amazing! You aren’t allowed to take any pictures during the play so this is all I have.

lion king

This is what the stage looked like before the show started. We waited until the last minute to get tickets and the only seats left that were together were very expensive however they were amazing seats.

lion king.1

Here is a YouTube video that shows some clips of the play and it is even better live! This entire production is amazing and the talent is unbelievable!

My son did not go with us, I felt he is a bit too young at 3 and some of the scenes with the Hyena’s and Scar may have scared him a bit. Here is a random picture of him from yesterday looking like the cutest kid in the world. The lion is not related to the play but still just as cool.

lion king.2

I’ll see you guys as soon as I catch up here. Have a great week!


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