Let Your Light Shine

I would like to start out today by giving a special thank you and shout out to Aisha who blogs over on Made with Zeal. She was kind enough to feature me on her link-up “Let Your Light Shine”.


This weekly link-up is for any bloggers to join in on and you just post about anything from the week that made your light shine! Aisha has been such an inspire and positive blogger that I frequent whenever I have no idea what to do to get myself out of a funk. She is so positive and chooses to be happy even when it is not easy. Not to mention she has some amazing fashion posts as well!

This week my highlight has been being engaged. Aside from the getting married aspect I have really grown closer to the women in my life. So many of you have said such kind things and I truly appreciate it. The love that I am feeling all around me is amazing and when times get hard I will turn to these times and remember the joy.

Life is full of moments that we will never understand and we never know when or how life will change. I must confess that up until the last 6 months I did not really enjoy reading posts about marriage and being engaged. I know see how horribly negative of me that was. I wasn’t truly allowing myself to be happy for anyone because I was a tad jealous of them. Please be gentle with me as I admit that. It is difficult and I think that it had a lot to do with all the negative talk I had going on about myself. Once I started to be more kind to myself it was easier to share moments of joy with others.

Thank you to everyone who reads my blog, comments, likes, or even just skims it as they pass through. I love sharing with you guys. Now lets shine our light as bright as we can ladies!


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