The Biggest Big News in all the World!


Take a look at the above picture. Notice anything different? Someone cut all of his hair off and is still looking just as handsome as ever! I love that adorable face he has!


My son found good use for the dreads and decided it was his turn to rock the long hair. He literally kept picking it up and putting it on his head. Why can’t adults be as adorable as children?


Aside from the lack of dreadlocks. Check out the ring on my finger friends! That’s right. We are engaged! It is such a surreal and exciting feeling. We have since been working on getting used to referring to one another as Feyonce. Yea, we are going with the more modern spelling of the word because, why not?

We got engaged on Friday the 13th. Good things do happen on that day my friends. Great things actually!

We have already decided to get married on September 5th. It is my grandmothers birthday and we are ready to get this thing going. I don’t have much experience with wedding planning so I am open to any suggestions that you may have. Please! Give me your ideas!

I’ll be back tomorrow with more but in the meantime I will let this breaking news marinate for a bit.


8 thoughts on “The Biggest Big News in all the World!

  1. Oh my goodness, congrats, how super exciting!!!!!!!!!! By the way your left hand was delicately placed on his chest, yet screamed “LOOK AT MY RING!” I too noticed the ring before his lack of dreads. He goes look super handsome, and I am happy for you both. Are you planning the wedding for September 5th of this year or next?

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