Hey Friday Favorites, Laughing and sharing blog love

It is Friday and I have some favorite things to tell you about! Are you ready for this? I sure am! Let’s do this then!

My favorite blog posts this week come from some amazing bloggers. While I still have not managed to catch myself up on my blog reading, I did manage to get a good amount in. Check out these lovely ladies and there amazing posts!

“Is it Over?” written by Making Melissa is one of the reasons that I started blogging and still love to read them. Her honesty and eloquent words are very relatable and were very touching to read.

“I am Free” written by Aisha over at Made with Zeal is another piece that was written from the heart. It reminds me that I am in control of myself and myself alone and I do have a say in how I live and how I feel (to a certain extent of course.)

“Skylights” written by the Kari Diaries is very motivational. She is a woman taking on something new and exciting. I love celebrating women who take on new adventures!

My favorite Youtube video this week is from BF vs. GF. This challenge video had me dying!

I have some new favorite beauty products this week. The first is Mac’s Prep + Prime Fix + Spray. I spray this on my face before I do any make-up and after I finish doing my make-up. I have tired the Smashbox Primer water and Urban Decay’s setting spray but I always come back to this guy.


Next up is my new mascara bff. I can’t even tell you how much I love this new mascara. I got a free sample of it from Sephora and I am in love. I haven’t had to buy one of my own because I have the sample size but I just may need to get it immediately! It curls your lashes while applying mascara without using an eyelash curler. I love it!


Finally, I decided to try a new moisturizer so I grabbed this bottle of Clinique. I usually would just use Target’s brand of face moisturizer but I started having to apply it multiple times because my face would still feel so dry after I put it on. So far this has done what I need and I love it.


Now, on to the best part of Friday Favorites. The funny stuff! Instagram never lets me down when I need a laugh and I bring it to you so that we can share. If you follow me on IG you may have seen some of these before.

There is a new instagram account, @beautifulbroetry, that takes poems and makes them pretty hilarious. Like this one…


When I saw this I just could not stop laughing….


This picture in itself made me laugh so hard!


Isn’t this true though?


I completely agree with this one…


This picture makes me happy…


Still looking for the next best idea from the kids….


Creppy, yet still pretty dang funny!


Now hope on over to the link-ups and show them some love!

Friday Favorites yes.7


4 thoughts on “Hey Friday Favorites, Laughing and sharing blog love

  1. I laughed my way through all of those pictures! Lies. I cried!!! I’m about 5 seconds away from posting that break dancing one all over social media.
    Also I think I’m gonna try MAC Fix + soon. I have UD’s Setting Spray but I’m running out and sometimes it smears my mascara? Ugh, it’s a pain in the ass.
    And THANKS SO MUCH for the shout out girl! I really appreciate it <33

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed! They get me going as well. I’ve used UD’s setting spray but I don’t notice much difference between the two and I think MAC’s is a little bit cheaper. 🙂

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