Life Updates

I have been very far behind on my blog reading and commenting lately. I used to be so on point and waiting for some people to post so that I could jump on it and enjoy what they had to share. I have been horrible at following along and I feel bad for that. So for anyone who all of a sudden gets mass notifications that I am commenting/reading it is because I am stalking your blog and trying to get caught back up.


Life is continuing to grow and evolve. Great things are happening and I can’t wait to share it with you.


I am now spelling certain words because my son understands/repeats things that I say. I’m not trying to get blamed at daycare for some of the things he repeats. Its bad enough that the radio has him rapping to the other kids and apparently that is a bad thing.


I’m still very sleepy since Day Light Savings came in so swift and unexpectedly. Maybe I knew that it was coming but since it was snowing the week prior it kind of confused me and I didn’t really get it.


I’m ending my blog post here so that I can go read your blogs in the time that I have left before real work happens. Headed to read your blogs….now!


Making Melissa


8 thoughts on “Life Updates

  1. Daylight savings wasn’t too unkind to me this year — I am loving the lighter nights. However I wouldn’t mind if it were lighter in the morning too. I am SO behind on reading blogs. Ugh.

  2. Girl, I have been SOOO off the radar as of late. My blogfeed had over 200 unread posts, and it made me twitchy. Real life happens, and sometimes blog life needs to take a backseat. I can’t wait to hear what exciting things are coming your way!!!! ❤

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