Snow, challenges, sleeplessness..

For some reason when it snows and I am off of work I decide that I don’t want to touch a computer resulting in ZERO blog postings happening for the last 5ish days. I was on the computer yesterday but being off unexpectedly meant that there was a ton of catching up to do. I must tell you in advance that the time change has messed my sleep up horribly and I can’t even tell you how exhausted I am this morning. My poor son is struggling in the mornings as well. It is so hard to go to sleep at night and so hard to get up in the morning.

I’m back and here to update you on my challenge progress and also show you some pictures because pictures are the best….maybe.


We had about a foot of snow at my house and it was the good kind of snow. The kind that allows you to make epic snowballs and build enormous snowmen. My boyfriend is 6’5 just to give you an idea of how tall our snow man ended up being. We tried to make him look like Olaf which is why his face looks so weird. We did attempt a selfie with the snowman but our heads are too big and arms aren’t long enough.


When we went to Target the other day they had this cute little set-up to take pictures and my son wanted to take a million of them with the Target dog. I don’t blame him, I kind of wanted one as well. We have a small case of dog fever in my house if you haven’t noticed.


We did manage to make it to my boyfriend’s gym on one snow day which was very much needed. Building the snow man the next day was a workout in itself. My face always looks like a tragic car accident after working out so I decided to only include half of it in the collage that I made. We did a warm-up on the elliptical followed by a Planet Fitness 30 minute workout and then some abs.

As far as my eating on the challenge goes I can say that last week was better than the first week. I still was not 100% in it because nachos got in the way. I don’t know what it is about cheese that makes it so hard to live my life. I just love all the cheese dang it!

I’m pretty impressed with this week so far, I mean, it has only been two days but I am sticking with it. I’m determined to get this right and continue pushing myself even when I hate it most of all.

How has your week gone so far? Is the time change making you a sleepy psycho like it is me?


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