12 Week Update

Well hello there friends. It’s Tuesday and it is a workday so let’s just move forward and talk about how I’m doing on my challenge. To recap, here are the goals that I set for myself in this fun little challenge.

  • I will only have one cheat per week on each of the twelve weeks.
  • I am going to log all of my food in MFP – feel free to find me; cmarq01
  • Continue Facebook fitness challenges
  • Blog once per week on my progress and come clean if I have any struggles

So last week I had life happen to me on Wednesday. I can tell you that I did an amazing job following my eating plan through the entire day on Tuesday and Wednesday until the evening. I met with a wellness coach that I have at work and we talked about the goals that I have in life and what keeps me from reaching my goals(emotional eating/not eating). I found out some pretty difficult information that I prefer not to share on the blog at this time Wednesday evening. I was caught pretty off guard and actually forgot to eat dinner. I say that but I really just didn’t even try to. I fed my son so I clearly knew that it was time to eat but the thought of it just wouldn’t allow me to do it.

I couldn’t really sleep all night and when the morning came I was still just angry. It was weird because I didn’t actually feel any emotions I was just mad and had a bit of rage in my heart. I took a bite of a granola bar in an attempt to eat and tried to eat lunch again. When dinner came it was the same thing. The following day I managed to make myself eat a couple of bites of food but not really enough to matter. I know in my mind that if I don’t eat it will eventually cause weight gain from my body going into starvation mode so I consciously make the choice to eat something.

By Saturday I was feeling slight improvement but still only able to eat very small portions. That night I was able to get some rest and my appetite crept back that day. The food that I was eating wasn’t healthy but since I hadn’t really eaten much my stomach has shrunk a little bit.

I didn’t work out one time last week. I’m very disappointed in that aspect as well. I logged my food the beginning of the week and fell off when I wasn’t really eating.

Week 1 was crap. Week 1 is usually my best but I will accept the fact that it was not and move forward on my good choice that I have made so far this week. I’m not going to let that hold me back. It has further made me realize that I need to continue to work with my wellness coach on how to be better and ways to handle stress and high emotional points.

I’ll be back next week with another post and to tell you how great I nailed it this week! Have a great Tuesday my friends.


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