Hello there Monday!


It was very difficult to wake up this morning and I have to say that I seriously considered calling in to work today. I got spoiled with the snow days last week and now I don’t know how to function properly. I’ve been working pretty quickly trying to catch up on everything that I missed last week and I have to say my progress is coming along nicely!


Today is the last day to order the shirt below! We still have to sell at least 10 more to get them to print! Please help me out and click here to order today! There are different colors and styles available!

challenge shirt.10

If that shirt is not your style than this shirt is available for 3 more days and we still need to sell 10 more to get it to print! You can visit the same site here to get yours. Once again there are different colors and styles available!

challenge shirt.5

I have a ton of work to do but I will be back tomorrow to kick off my 12-week series to a better Christina, you know, before I turn 30 and all that crap! Have a great day!


6 thoughts on “Monday….

  1. ugh i feel you on the monday. i only had last monday off, but my husband had mon-thurs off so i made him drive me every day haha and now i’m like what is this driving myself ridiculousness!

  2. Ahh girl after last week when I had 2 days off this week staretd as a drag. Ah well. I want the second shirt but I cant order it yet as Ive spent beyond my allocated spending budget (im tryin to save for some big travels). If they are offered next month Ill plug it into my budget and buy the second shirt!

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