Where you been?

We had a couple of snow days here in KY and I took that time to do a lot of nothing. As if it was a stay-cation. I didn’t even take very many pictures of the fun snow play time that we were having. This past Friday I had my neurologist check-up that I usually go to every 6 months to make sure that all is well with medications, looking into reducing them, and just making sure that my Epilepsy is under control. My doctor requested that I lose 10 pounds in order to lower my dosage at our last meeting and I failed him. This is actually the second time that I missed this goal. The thing is, I am the one that wants to work to lower my dosage. It will help decrease my side effects (mood issues and drowsiness). The good thing is, I still have been seizure free since 10/11/2011! My doctor also said that he only needs to see me 1 time per year now! Unless of course I lose the weight and want to decrease my medication. Best news ever!


So, I have decided that I need more than a 30 day plan, more than a 30 day challenge. Every time I do those I am successful but when it is over I eat terrible for about two weeks thus undoing all the work that I put in. Some say it takes 21 days to break a habit and others say it takes 30 days to change a behavior. I think that in order for me to actually make a change and stick to it that I will need about 12 weeks. I need to prove that I have control of my mind and my actions longer than a period of 30 days. I am still working out the specific details of this challenge but I will be having only one cheat per week in an effort to keep myself from feeling deprived. Tomorrow I will outline all of the details so that others can follow along if you would like. I still have the Facebook challenge going on right now with Kara. The main focus of that challenge is fitness with motivation and accountability.


This post was super random and didn’t really have much consistency but you get the point. I am working on myself this year in every possible way. Maybe its the 30th bday approaching that got me all motivated and stuff.


8 thoughts on “Where you been?

  1. good for you girl, and congrats on being seizure free for so long 🙂 good luck on your 12 week plan, i can barely stick to a 30 day or even 3 day plan. i need some motivation!

  2. Im so glad to hear that you have been seizure free for that long and that you may get your medication reduced. You can totally lose 10 pounds in no time! If you need motivation Ill give you some 😀

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