My Favorite Friday the 13th Cop story.

I started my morning out spending time with the police. There is nothing that I enjoy more than having to explain to an officer that I swerved to avoid a car that could have hit me and how that is not illegal. It is even more fun when the officer asks if you have been drinking and tells you that you look suspicious.


This face.. This is literally what I look like right now. So very “suspicious”. It is suspicious that I managed to get up early enough to wash and curl my hair this morning but I’m pretty sure that wasn’t what he was talking about. Did I mention that my 3 year old son is still in the car because I haven’t dropped him off at daycare yet? Three year olds love this kind of drama. I bet as soon as I walked out of daycare he told all of his friends that mommy got in trouble with the cops.

I kindly informed the officer that I was on my way to drop my son to daycare and then headed to work. To which he said “Don’t worry ma’am, I’ll go as quick as I can.” That’s what they all say.

He takes my license and insurance back to his car while we wait. 90 Seconds later, four additional police officers arrive. At this point I’m wondering if I went on some sort of mad crime spree in my sleep. This officer probably fears for his safety upon the realization that he pulled over a mom and a 3 year old. How can he possibly know what we are capable of? We were completely cooperative and that is a sign of rebellion in the United States. Not to mention, I wasn’t even being mean. I wanted him to be quick so I could be on my way and I knew that if I were rude that he would make sure I was delayed as long as possible.

After about 15 minutes of sitting in his car and 4 conversations with the other police officers he walks back up to my car. I’m prepared for some sort of ticket at this point; why else would he have sat in his car so long? Was he trying to add me on Facebook or something? He hands my information back to me and in the most jerkish way possible, he tells me that he is letting me off with a warning. He gets the side eye and an ok. Seriously, at this point I would have just preferred a ticket. He then goes on to tell me that I should be more appreciative of what he has done for me. Now I have a raging beast of anger inside me because this fool just had the nerve to try and punk me in front of my 3 year old son after he pulled me over for no reason? My son already thinks its alright to tell me what to do. I can’t wait to pick him up from daycare and hear him say “mommy, you should be more appreciative.” It was really a fun time!

So, I started my Friday the 13th off with another wonderful edition of “Christina and the cops”. Stayed tuned next time as we see if I ever come across one that treats people with respect and dignity.

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