An All Too Serious Confession

I am insecure. Often unsure of myself, rarely seeing the compliments in me that fall from the lips of others. It hits me, then rolls off as the negative words in my mind cloud the space. My insecurities do not reside on my physical appearance so much; rather on my ability to accomplish my goals and dreams. For every step I take at least 15 scenarios run through my mind all resulting in failure. Those scenarios have delayed my growth, however, they have never stopped it.

It is but one very powerful voice that also exists within. This voice battles every scenario and forces me into action. Actions that are terrifying and ones that I doubt. Inside I hear everything telling me that other people can do this but that I can’t. I’m not good enough. To be honest… some days, I don’t win. Some days, I believe that I can’t accomplish the goals I have set for myself. You can even say that some days I am the one sabotaging my own success. Fear strangles me paralyzing my growth. That one strong voice is the reason that I have been successful at anything at all.

Appearing so confident I tell others that I can do anything and so can everyone else; those who don’t are just lazy. Projecting my negative attitude about myself onto others. Being insecure is viewed so negatively. I view it as a result of being hurt or seeing negative images in our own lives or in the media. As a woman I feel that we have been taught to keep our mouths shut, stand up straight, be a lady but do like the boys do. Yes women are emotional but we are expected to be able to control that. A woman who cries in public is viewed as weak and unable to handle even simple tasks. I have silently cried in the bathroom at work for one reason or another a few times in my life. Sadly I have the same ideas about women crying in the workplace because I don’t want them to no longer be taken seriously.

Why does crying have to be a sign of weakness instead of strength? It takes power to let others see you cry. It takes strength to ask for help. Everyone should be allowed to shed a tear or two without being judged; including men. My tears fall for many reasons not just out of sadness.

This new business venture that I have exposed to the world has been terrifying. Some days I want to quit and I don’t think it will work. At times I feel like I am overwhelming people because it is something that I talk about so often. Let’s just say that this post is a way to open up and say that it is alright to be insecure. It is not alright to let that take over and to allow other people to make you feel inferior. What’s worse is that we make ourselves more inferior by regurgitating those negative words as they continue to be a resounding echo.

Let’s try to join together and be more positive and talk better to ourselves and each other. Women have been raised to be competitive with one another. Let’s stop comparing and start helping each other succeed. Make a generation of strong confident women that stand up to any challenge and conquer it with grace and dignity.


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Thanks for sticking with me. Have a great Wednesday!

Making Melissa


6 thoughts on “An All Too Serious Confession

  1. Hi there, visiting from the link-up! I know exactly what you mean, it is so hard for me to believe that I can accomplish my dreams and I definitely struggle with accepting compliments from others! It’s good to know I’m not alone!

  2. Girrrlll you got this! It takes a lot of balls to start your own business and you got this!! There will be tears, fear, frustration, stress…but it’ll all be worth it when you see your business flourish!!! 🙂

  3. I could have written this myself. I am often insecure although all that shows is confidence. It happens babe. Go you for starting your business and I will support in any way I can!

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