Monday Morning, Grammy’s, Domestic Violence

So it’s Monday again. Just let that sink in for a minute. Monday’s are going to happen 52 times every year, yet I just can’t get over how much I want to avoid them. There are about 4 Mondays a year that I don’t hate and in those weeks, I can’t stand Tuesday….but I always love Wednesday.

FullSizeRender (100)

Anyway, if you are like me than you did not watch the Grammy’s yesterday and were not even aware that they were on until you trolled through Instagram while laying in bed. This morning I decided to look up some of the videos and I have to say that I love this song. I know, its Kanye.

YouTube then suggested that I watch this video.

She did a fantastic job! I love hearing her cover Kanye’s new song. Whether you like Kanye or not you have to admit this is a very beautiful song. So now I am unfortunately back on the I like Kanye train. I’m sorry. I can’t help it. This doesn’t mean that he and I are friends again or anything. It just means that I am probably seriously considering buying his album, maybe. At the very least I will probably at it to my Spotify channel.

This song was performed at the Grammy’s as well…yes, Kanye is in this song also. (This is not the Grammy performance because the video’s I found had horrible quality.

Then I found this…

..and I was blown away. If you have followed my blog you may have read about my experience with domestic violence. You can catch up by clicking here , here , and here . The spoken word piece that was done at the beginning is so powerful and great to hear. The experience made me stronger and I appreciate the love that I now feel from my current relationship.

I found out that this message preceeded Katy Perry’s Performance..

Say what you want about our president but he does acknowledge real problems that people face everyday in our country. Overall, I loved the performances and I am a little upset that I didn’t watch the Grammy’s. What was your favorite Grammy moment? Did you watch?


10 thoughts on “Monday Morning, Grammy’s, Domestic Violence

  1. I watched the grammys, kind of – I had it muted for a lot and only unmuted when i saw someone i liked. i loved Obama’s speech but I wasnt a fan of Katy Perry’s performance (not a fan) and I totally muted Kanye, lol.

  2. Ugh, I have such a love/hate relationship with Kanye. I hate his antics, but kinda love his music. It’s so damn frustrating. Also, I agree. No matter what you think of Obama’s politics you have to acknowledge that he definitely gets it on a humanitarian level ❤

  3. Sigh, I used to love Kanye. He’s so talented, and it’s an utter waste because it’s so hard for me to get past what a complete dick he is. The Grammy’s were kind of blah this year. My fave performance was Ed Sheeran, I have a thing for guys with guitars.

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