My Favorite Friday of all! So far…maybe.

Friday has arrived and as usual, it is looking pretty spectacular from my view. I have had a pretty great week as far as getting things accomplished is concerned. Today is my BFF, Kara’s birthday so of course it is the best day ever!!! Time to hit you with some favorites. This video was the funniest thing I have seen in a long time! Will Ferrell just gets me, you know?

I mean, everyone knows how much I love Beyoncé and Will Ferrell; combine the two and I am living the life! Next up, I loved these two blog posts like no one’s business.

Kristen’s post was something that I needed to read this week. It really helped me realize that I need to go ahead and push forward with some of the things I have kept in for awhile out of fear.

Then, through a link-up I found this post by Asia and I knew that I just had to push down those negative voices in my head and get stuff done!

So, yesterday on my blog I made this announcement about a challenge group on Facebook my friend and I have starting on Monday and some T-shirts and Tanks that we designed which are my new favorite!

challenge shirt.4

challenge shirt

Last but not least, these are the funniest/best things I found on Instagram this week. We have to start this one off with my boo John Legend and that one guy, Kanye.


They are trying to kill the word ‘fleek’, I’m not sure how I feel about this.


I do this all the time when I am supposed to be watching TV or going to bed.


We were all talking about this during the superbowl! Just to be anywhere on the field during the half-time performance.


I been looking for almost 30 years.. not really looking but you know.


Thanks for hanging in there with me this week as I mainly talked about myself. Hope you have an epic weekend my friends!

Friday Favorites



8 thoughts on “My Favorite Friday of all! So far…maybe.

  1. When Will Ferrell busted out that Beyonce drunk in love move… I may have died. He’s ridiculously funny. Also that Kanye pic had me rolling this week! And that Insta lurk is so real – end up double tapping the wrong person’s pic lol

  2. Those t-shirts are awesome I have to say.

    And man that lip sync battle had me in stitches. I laughed so hard!!! haha … I have a love hate relationship with the word “fleek”

    • Thank you again! That lip synce battle is the best ever! I loved ever minute of it. 🙂 Fleek is just an odd word that I can’t stop saying to my friend but I don’t think I would ever say it in a serious conversation.

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