Today is the day that I finally release the details for the challenge group that will start on Monday! The challenge group is completely free and we will even be doing a drawing at the end of the challenge where two lucky winners will get a prize pack from Kara and I. Here are the details of the challenge in order to win. You can still join even if you do not want to be part of the giveaway. That is simply for extra motivation.

  • 6 weeks in length 2/9/2015 – 3/23/2015
  • 3 workout Selfies uploaded to the group per week (although you can do as many as you want)
  • 50 miles of any cardio completed in 6 weeks (running, walking, treadmill, elliptical, bike) You must log your miles in some form whether it is an app or a picture of the cardio equipment.
  • Active participation of any sort.

Those are the requirements to be eligible for the two giveaways. We anticipate the group to be fairly small so the chances of winning are pretty good. The group is ‘closed’ at this time so you have to contact us to be added but once we have everyone in the group we will change it to ‘secret’. This way your photos will not be viewable to anyone other than fellow group members. Kara and I will upload optional workouts as well to help you get some ideas. Kara and I are not professionals and any advice we are giving will be from what has worked for us. The goal is to help hold each other accountable and provide motivation through this group. You can email myself and Kara at using the subject challenge=change if you would like to be added to the group or simply comment your email below.

If you are unable to start Monday you can be added late but you will have to still complete the 50 miles by the 6 week mark to be eligible for the giveaway. Please comment or email any questions you may have.

Additionally, Kara and I have been working extra hard to start a new company. This has been a long time coming and we are really nervous about the launch of our first product. We have started off designing some fun fitness shirts and will expand to other items further along. You do not have to purchase a shirt to be a part of the fitness group. The shirts are between $11.99-$29.99 for a hoodie. I thank anyone who makes  purchase as this would not be possible with you guys! The shirts will not start printing until there are at least 30 orders and if we do not get 30 orders than your account will not be charged and the shirts will not print. Please click here  for the Challenge=Change shirt, here for the I Work Out Like This shirt, or click on any of the t-shirts below to make your purchase. Here are a few of the colors and shirt options but you can visit the website for more options.

challenge shirt


challenge shirt.2

challenge shirt.4

challenge shirt.5

Don’t forget to join the challenge group and remember you do not have to purchase a shirt to be a part of it. There will be two new designs coming shortly. One will be more geared toward men that my boyfriend is assisting in creating and the other is mostly for women. I am not sure if the company ships internationally but if it doesn’t and you want one you can leave me your email for PayPal and I can send you an invoice and I will ship it to you myself.  Thank you for your support in advance.

Let Your Light Shine
Treasure Tromp

9 thoughts on “Challenge=Change

  1. wow, this is amazing girl! congrats on starting your own company! those tops are cute, i have sooooooooooo many workout tops and i always reach for the same tshirt lol! 50 miles? eep! i’ll try though i dont know about selfies / logging it lol. good luck though!

    • Thanks girl. Let me know if you want to be added to it. No Pressure at all to log, that is simply if you want to be apart of the giveaway. The group is mainly for accountability and such. 🙂

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  3. Congrats on your company. Go you!! The thing is I probably would do all of this anyway so this challenge would be good for me … its just the selfies part. lol I love the T-shirts though!! Super cool!

    • Thanks girl! You can still join the challenge and not post selfies. Just wouldn’t be part of the giveaway but you would still have the accountability! If you want to join it just find me on FB so I can add you. My FB name is Christina Marquardt

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