At-Home Workouts + Accountability/Motivation

Last week I hit my goal of working out at least three times at the gym. Yay! Christina for the win!


Today, I took another stroll through Pinterest and found some quick workouts that can be done at home. My goal is to do two night workouts a week in addition to the 3 at the gym. I’m really trying to get back into shape after my semi-lazy holiday season. Try some of these workouts in your free time. If it is too difficult the first time just keep doing it; it will get easier every day.


Additionally, if you are not sure how to properly do the moves I would be happy to put a video up demonstrating or you can just search YouTube or Google for that information. My good friend Kara and I are going to start a Facebook Challenge group in about two weeks. I will have the full details available tomorrow if you are interested in joining us. It will be a small group that will help with accountability, motivation and support. You have heard me mention Kara several times, she is my friend that always runs races with me and helped motivate me after I had my son and could barely run up the block without dying.

Are you interested in participating? I’ve been apart of several challenge groups but sometimes they are too large and it is difficult to stay motivated with so many people involved. Have a happy Tuesday!


10 thoughts on “At-Home Workouts + Accountability/Motivation

  1. these are great! i don’t have time or money to go to the gym so if I work out it’s gotta be here at home. I am on the hunt for some videos on youtube – I’m sure I’ll find something, I just need to get my lazy self off the chair and start doing the exercises!


    • You can do it! Once you make it a habit it will be easy. I am about to go workout now and I REALLY do not want to do it. I would rather just go home and clean… that’s how bad it is for me right now lol. 🙂

  2. I was recently talking to my sister about your “accountability” pact with your friend regarding your workouts. I just joined the same gym as my sis, and are going to do the sae thing to hold each other accountable. I would like to be a part of a challenge!

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