Superbowl XLIX Minus the Football Part; Mostly..

If you watched the Super Bowl yesterday than you know that the best part of the game happened in the last minute, Katy Perry wants to be a bag of flaming hot Cheetos, Missy Elliot is the best, and as the commentators continued to point out “when this is all over, someone is going to lose this game.”

John Legend and Elsa, I mean Idina Menzel, taught us that we, in fact, cannot sing. Here is where the real talent is.

Super Bowl XLIX - New England Patriots v Seattle SeahawksThe moment you realize that you just slayed the National Anthem with your bad self!superbowl.9

Then we learned that Marshawn Lynch enjoys Skittles as part of his his pre-game ritual.


Then some football happened but since the Seahawks were not going to magically change into the Broncos than I didn’t really care what was happening in the first half. I tried to watch the commercials but I didn’t really feel like crying any more this week considering my period is happening and all.

When half time arrived I was prepared for some Katy Perry. I like Katy Perry, she has some pretty great songs!


Last night, her stylist decided to give us some good laughs and gave the internet a wonderful opportunity to create meme’s rather than watch those lame commercials.




Then, Missy Elliott came out and I remember what life was like when music was so good that I would get a speeding ticket.

superbowl.5superbowl.6Here are some of my favorite Missy Elliott songs…just because.

Finally, the last minutes of the game. I learned that this, is in fact, a catch.


This guy really wanted to win the Super Bowl and forced an interception…

superbowl.11These gentlemen obviously didn’t watch the commercials during the game or they would realize that violence is something that the NFL does not condone..superbowl.12But hey, no one minds watching a good battle caused by the ‘roid rage. superbowl.10

There you have it friends, Super Bowl XLIX is over and we can officially prepare for March Madness. What were your favorite Superbowl moments?


8 thoughts on “Superbowl XLIX Minus the Football Part; Mostly..

  1. I didn’t watch anything but 1/2 time. I was confused. Was Katy Perry riding a lion or a tiger . . . also Idina Menzel was amazing even though it started off very quiet, but maybe that was just the microphone volume. Being from Washington everyone around me has sunk into this deep depression because the Sea Chickens…err, I mean Seahawks lost but I’m over here like, Football? Today? Oh, the superbowl? really? yeah, not my thing.

    • It wasn’t really worth the watch too much but I did enjoy the company that came over. I can’t imagine how it is living in Washington right now. We don’t have any professional teams in Kentucky but we have a horrible college rivalry!

  2. I didn’t particularly care who won, but it was disheartening to see the Seahawks blow it on that terrible call. Katy Perry was like an acid trip, except I was not tripping on acid. A bit over the top for the Super Bowl, bring back Bruno Mars from 2014 and the Wardrobe Malfunction of ’04!

    • I agree. That was hard to watch for sure. When Katy Perry first started to perform we thought she was going to change outfits really quickly or something; almost as if the flame outfit was a joke. They can do better for sure.

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