Breaking out of my Comfort Zone

For most of my life I have lived in a fairly comfortable space. I may not have always been financially secure but that was never scary because I grew up poor. I have taken a few risks in my life but they weren’t too terribly huge and had somewhat of a safety net. I think that is why I want so much more. I’ve always wanted more but  I have always been too afraid to go for it and attack my dreams. I’ve made excuses basically.

There is something new that I want to start. I am kind of nervous to do it but I am going to anyway. I’m not really going to tell you what it is because it involves someone else and I haven’t really gotten the OK from that person to proceed. I’m pretty sure that I will get a yes but I don’t want to go all crazy and tell everyone just in case I get a no out of it. Just to be clear, even if I get a no, I’m going to do it anyway; alone.

I am terrified of doing things that may not be a hit with the rest of the world. I don’t like to be vulnerable and exposed. This is going to be something that will definitely require me to smash through the walls of terror that keep me in this safe space where exciting things can’t happen. So, I’m going to just have a conversation tonight and make it happen. I’m so scared and nervous that I don’t even know what else to type! I’ll keep this short and will be giving more information in approximately two weeks, maybe less.


What do you do when you are afraid? Any advice on keeping my nerves under control?


2 thoughts on “Breaking out of my Comfort Zone

  1. I’m the same. Before last year I was squarely in my comfort zone. Because last year was such a mess of life I actually am ok to some extent with being uncomfortable but still find comfort in the things I “KNOW”. I also fear being vulnerable and being exposed but ya know what? We have one life and I say if you want to do it, do it!

    • I have a hard time being vulnerable and letting people know the real me. It terrifies me and often times I feel like people won’t like me if they know the whole story. This blog helps because I’ve put so much out there and haven’t gotten negativity from it.

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