My Current Life Confessions

I confess to cutting off a bus as I pulled out of the daycare center to head to work this morning. It wasn’t a school bus, more of a short bus that drives around the downtown area and drops employees off at their buildings.


I confess that every time my coworker tries to talk to me in the morning I deliberately ignore him; but I will talk to other people. He annoys me and after he told me that he was compiling conversations he overhears at work into a book I have decided to keep my mouth shut. Who does that?


I confess to being addicted to Dr. Pepper, Cherry Coke or Cherry Pepsi and starting to hate myself for it. My mind just has a hard time saying no because I don’t drink alcohol, smoke, or do meth so I figure, why can’t I just guzzle down some deliciousness that also has the capability to remove corrosion from car batteries?


I confess to being addicted to coloring my hair. I am in love with the red color that we did last time but since it is red it has to be redone again and I am getting anxious about it.

I confess to being an emotional and needy girlfriend right now. My period is coming up so all of my feelings and negative thoughts about myself are on 100 right now. I’ve kept it to myself because even I can’t stand to listen to the nagging. During this time I feel horrible about myself and that no one would ever want me so I turn into a pretty hateful person and require reassurance. At the same time I don’t want to be pitied so I just pout and no one knows what is wrong with me.


I confess that I have also cried everyday since last Friday due to my impending period and the reasons have ranged from a puppy tilting its head in a commercial to Aladdin and Jasmine getting to be married at the end of the movie. (My son has watched Aladdin everyday for the last week)


I confess that I haven’t finished reading the book I purchased, “I am That Girl”, because all of a sudden life got busy. Last night after I did the dishes, prepared lunch for today and tried to get my security system fixed it was 10:00PM. I was tired and decided to watch the episode of Black Ink instead of reading.

What have you been doing behind closed doors that requires confessing?

Making Melissa


12 thoughts on “My Current Life Confessions

  1. Dr. Pepper to you is what rootbeer is to me….a few months back I was like almost ashamed at how much of it I was drinking. I also confess that the whole PMS thing has all of a sudden over taken me for a few days a month. I never felt any different before…but now, PMS means the world is basically ending, my life sucks, I’m definitely going to be crying, and my sugar intake is going to spike for real! 🙂

    • PMS is the worst thing for me. I get super emotional and even feel completely unstable sometimes. I have it pretty bad. I need sugar and salt right now to make me feel better lol. Probably a Dr. Pepper also. 🙂

    • Yea, that’s what I was thinking. When he said it I told him that I would sue him. I mean, it’s not like I say anything too bad while I am at work. I do talk about my son a bit and that was what got me angry. He is the one reason that I can’t come to work happy everyday. Never encountered someone in my life that annoyed me to the level that he does.

  2. I LOVE cherry pepsi and cherry coke too! I used to be addicted to dr. pepper but not so much now. I am actually trying to drink less soda but my husband loves it and it’s hard to say no when it’s staring me every time I open the fridge 😦

    that’s really weird (and freaky) that your co-worker is compiling conversations into a book…yeah, I would stay away from him too!


    • It is so addicting! Dr. Pepper was my number one but cherry coke/pepsi are slowly taking over! So good!

      It is weird and that is not even the only thing that he does. I could probably do an entire post on it. lol. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. PMS makes me psycho.. but my BF getting PMS (which is totally a thing I’ve come to remember (my dad used to also get testy around My time of the month)) really takes the cake. He’s such a whiny asshole when he’s PMSing. I’m just mean and bitchy, so I know it’s not a direct reflection of me. Hormones bloooow.

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