Fitness Failure + 6 HIIT Workout Routines to Try

I have kind of been a failure this year with making it to the gym and working out. There have been some other things that I have been doing to get my body moving but I wasn’t exactly eating the best either. What can I say? I freakin’ love Pizza! So, I packed my lunch and got back to it yesterday. I have my lunch ready to go again today and my workout plan is set for the week. I don’t know why I ever stopped planning my workouts in advance. That is really the only way that I will get it done. I have to look at my planner and see that I have an appointment scheduled to work out. I am a woman of my word and if I say I am going to do it than I try as hard as possible to make that happen.

Additionally, I have started posting my workout to Instagram and sending my friend a screenshot from MyFitnessPal so that someone knows if I am staying in my ranges or not. Accountability is key and I am determined. I’m going to be 30 this year and I want to be healthy and on my way to achieving epic athlete status (yes, I just made that up).


One time, I tried to look cute in a workout picture. It didn’t work. So now I just snap it and go on with life. It takes too much time and if people on IG don’t like my sweaty face than they don’t have to look at it. By the time I go to the gym from work I really just want to go home and cook dinner anyway. The fact that I am even working out is a victory in itself some days.

Pinterest is my favorite place to find new workouts. I love to do HIIT workouts. They are usually pretty quick and get your body producing sweat as if you were sitting in a sauna in the middle of a desert. Here are a few that I found today. I chose several different treadmill routines because the speed that I sprint at (9.0) may be different from others. I have long legs and take big strides so I am still power walking when the treadmill is on 4.5.

The first three workouts can basically be done at home and one of them is a ‘snowed in’ workout for all of my friends caught in the blizzard. If you do not know how to do some of these moves you can search them on YouTube or you can Google them for an explanation.

fitlife.1 fitlife.2fitlife.4

These treadmill routines are amazing! I can run for about 3 miles without stopping but I am usually miserable that entire time. That’s why I prefer the HIIT routine.  fitlife.3  fitlife.5 fitlife.6

You can find HIIT workouts for pretty much any piece of cardio equipment. HIIT stands for High Intensity-Interval Training and is designed to keep your heart rate up while burning more fat. I’ll be posting a sweaty selfie on Instagram everyday that I workout. If you would like to follow along feel free to find me @cmarq01.


16 thoughts on “Fitness Failure + 6 HIIT Workout Routines to Try

  1. I happen to like your sweaty post-workout IG selfies! I really like this idea of accountability of working out, that is something I should get on the bandwagon and start doing. You go girl!!

  2. I’m so with you on the planner thing. I HATE to have something written down in my planner go un-checked, so that’s an almost sure-fire way to make me do anything I need to do. That accountability + having a friend to check in with are great for staying in check and I totally do the same thing! And sweaty selfies are a way of life, embrace it 😉 keep at it girl, you got this! Thanks for linking up!

  3. I think scheduling workouts is key! I totally advocate treating workouts like appointments – schedule them, put them in your planner or your iPhone or whatever you gotta do, but put it in writing somewhere and stick to it!
    Girl, ain’t nothing wrong with a post-workout selfie! Thanks for linking up!

  4. I think its great you post realistic images of what it looks like to work out! I think the people who look too perfect probably didn’t work hard enough or spend a lot of time staging the picture (showered redid their hair waited an hour for the redness to go down). I saw this video yesterday, which i absolutely love and totally takes on the idea that we have to look perfect to work out

  5. I love pinterest HIIT workouts too. I have a million pinned to my board, I swear. I haven’t really done any of them in awhile because I do insanity and P90x but they are a great go to especially if you have a gym membership.

    And great job on your workout! I followed ya over on insta! 🙂

    • I have done insanity one time and the second portion is killer! I often think of trying it again but I can’t fully commit to it yet. Thankfully my employer has a gym that I get to work out in for free because I doubt that I would ever pay for a gym membership.

      Followed you back on IG. 🙂

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