It’s a Weekend Recap

I haven’t done a weekend recap in forever. So, without further ado, I start with Friday night. My oldest brother Jared, my boyfriend and I watched a couple episodes of Breaking Bad (we are on episode 5 of the first season). This show is amazing. I can’t believe I never even watched a single episode when it was on TV. Part of me wishes that I had time to binge watch the show. Then it would be over really quickly and I would be sad.

On Saturday, we woke up early in the morning, made breakfast and started our day. First we headed to Enterprise so Jared could rent a car to drive back to Paducah. I hate doing business of any sort with rental car companies. They really should tell you that they are going to need a sample of your blood prior to the time you are scheduled to pick up your rental car so you don’t have to leave and return multiple times when you don’t have everything you need. Not to mention the way they try to rip you off by including additional insurance. I worked for a rental car company for a short time. That job sucked!

After we finally got that accomplished we headed to Lowe’s to buy a new backdoor for my house. The backdoor that was on the house since I bought it in 2011 was a piece of crap. Buying the door was the easy part. Getting it installed proved to be more work than any of us had initially thought. Since my house was renovated prior to me purchasing it, I haven’t had to do much work. If you have ever done any type of remodeling to your house than you are aware that once you take one thing apart, you are going to find 1 million other things wrong. It was horrifying and disgusting. Thankfully my brother and boyfriend were the ones installing it so I didn’t end up with a million dollars in labor charges.


For dinner I made a pot of chili and had a great time playing Cards Against Humanity with 3 of my brothers, one of their friends, my youngest brother’s fiancé, and my boyfriend. I lost every round so of course I was a bit perturbed. I am a horrible loser.

Sunday my boyfriend and I went to church. I got to see my good friend who was in town from North Carolina. She is a member of the music ministry and even though she has moved out of state, she still gets to sing when she is in town visiting.


Following church I had lunch with my people before Jared had to leave. He is moving to Florida and I will miss that guy. It was nice having him in town for 4 days. He is very helpful and talented. A very great man that I happily call my oldest brother.

weekend.3The lighting was horrible and I wish I would have turned the flash on.

After lunch we did some grocery shopping then my boyfriend, son and I headed downtown to watch the Lady Cards take on Miami. It was a very exciting game and close game for the most part. Following the game, we headed home for pizza and watched the movie “The Interview.” My boyfriend and I were so exhausted that we couldn’t stay awake and took turns falling asleep during the movie. It was decent, there were some pretty funny parts. I can’t really give it a full review since I took a few naps.

weekend.1 weekend.4 weekend.2

How was your weekend? Are you snowed in? I wish I was.


4 thoughts on “It’s a Weekend Recap

  1. Don’t rush through Breaking Bad! I went through major withdrawals when that show ended. Which is an interesting choice of words considering the subject matter 🙂 Also, I try not to play games if I know I can’t win, which sounds like I’m being childish but really I’m a terrible sore loser and so it’s kind of preventative and a blessing for all involved. Ha!

    & lastly and probably most importantly, your son… cutest things ever!

    • Thanks for the tip. I will be sure to take my time watching it. It honestly is a great show! I too have tried to avoid playing games I won’t win but then I feel like maybe I can… It’s a terrible cycle really lol. Thank you for your sweet words about my son!

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