It’s a Great Day to be a Friday

Thank the lord it is Friday. This week has been so busy for me. Ugh…. Without further delay, it is Friday Favorites time!


My favorite blog posts from other bloggers..

Creating a Budget by Kelsey over at Random Randts. I’ve been working super hard on budgeting this year and the spreadsheet she included in this post is super helpful!

Confronting the Negative Voices by Shannon Nicole. Negative self-talk is my biggest issue. It keeps me from moving forward and Shannon’s post was really eye opening.

Double the Dots by Jasmin over at Jasmin Daily. I love this outfit! Honestly, her daily fashion posts are outfits that I feel like I could put together. Plus she is super sweet.

My favorite internet laughs..





My favorite State of the Union moment that did happen.. (For real though, this needs to be passed I pay $190/week for daycare)


My favorite State of the Union meme… ( I love to say things are “on fleek”)


I hope you have enjoyed this Friday’s Favorites. Hope on over to the link-ups for more fun.

Friday Favorites



12 thoughts on “It’s a Great Day to be a Friday

  1. I think you and I must have alot of the same humor because I actually laugh when you post funny pictures…keep sharing them pleaseeee! I wasn’t expecting to see anything about me or my post here on your blog…I’m thankful that something I wrote helped you in some way, and feel encouraged to continue writing…Side note, I can’t believe you have to pay $190 a week in child care….I could not imagine having to do or pay that! Thankfully by the time I became a single mom my son was old enough for a full day at school and my work schedule allows me to be off almost at the same time he’s out of school. Super lucky on that front! Have a good weekend girl!

  2. Omg! I love the Obama meme! Gonna have to steal that! I have to say that I really like Obama. I get a lot hate for that (I live in Texas) but I don’t care. Gonna have to check out the links. 🙂

  3. haha I love me some Kanye. Love to hate that man too much lol As an avid book reader I still laughed my ass off at that because I totes can see him saying it!

    • Oh yea! We are on the same level with that one. Maybe he said it, maybe he didn’t, we will never know. Unless of course we can get him to release a book of quotes. That would be a pretty funny read!

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