Nancy Grace vs. 2Chainz…Why?

If you don’t know who 2Chainz is than feel free to watch this music video.

My favorite lyric from the above rap is “She got a big booty so I call her big booty.” He has to be an artistic genius to have come up with that (insert sarcasm). Nancy Grace just looks foolish, in my opinion, for even discussing a topic like this with the evidence she provided.

First of all, she gave an example of a child passing away in a fire because the parents were smoking weed, then said that legalizing marijuana would lead to this happening everywhere. While the loss of this childs life is tragic, it is also not something that we have enough information about to say was caused exclusively by the use of marijuana.  2Chainz responds by pointing out that there was also alcohol involved in the situation (which obviously changes the story altogether) so my suspicion has been validated. Additionally, 2Chainz said that you can’t lump all ‘smokers’ under the same umbrella with that one person. Nancy gets offended and demands 2Chainz “don’t put me in that pot and stew me.” To which I say….What?

She then deviates completely asking “Why the 2Chainz? Just curious.” It’s irrelevant but he graciously answers her question that goes back to other rap names he has had thus going further into his past to when he was breast fed as a child. Nancy has a smirk on her face when she hears this almost as if she is picturing herself breast feeding 2Chainz.

She then cuts him off and does the one thing I have always wanted her to do. She reads 2Chainz lyrics out loud. It was short and I can only hope that she reads more later on in the segment.

Nancy once again changes subjects and begins talking about a parent who made her two year old child smoke weed. 2Chainz came back and reinforced his earlier statement about lumping all smokers into one category, especially with this crazy mom. He says she was an irresponsible bonehead that made an imbecile move. He continues to explain that if anyone loves their child they would not be putting them in harms way as this mother obviously did. He said “She may have mental issues, something deeper than a joint I believe.” This round goes to 2Chainz.

Nancy comes back and says that if pot is legalized that everyone, child abusers included, will have access to marijuana. 2Chainz turns into Ms. Cleo and reads my mind by saying “I’m not sure if you know this or not but everyone has access to pot right now, legal or not.” This makes me think that Nancy is a bit naïve; she has to know how easy it is to get marijuana.

He then goes on to explain the tax benefits that the country could experience if marijuana was legalized nationwide. Nancy doesn’t appreciate the fact that 2Chainz came on her show and started to make some valid points. She has another video on deck of a parent making their 2  year old child smoke weed. She is pushing this argument about the lack of  responsibility people have, all the while forgetting that alcohol is legal in this country.

2Chainz and Nancy start to go at it because Nancy has a pretty strong habit of twisting peoples words and 2Chainz isn’t about that life. She cut him off one final time and asked him a questions to which he said “I was about to tell you until your rudely disrupted me.” I must say, I appreciate him calling her on that because she is notorious for interrupting people on her show. Even when I agree with her I want to punch her in the face for being so rude.

At the end Nancy pulls yet again a video of a parent forcing their child to smoke. He once again tells her that this is obviously wrong and people that love their children won’t do this. He tells her that this is nothing to argue about because these people are imbeciles.

Toward the end of the video they get back to discussing 2Chainz lyrics and some other random crap. Personally, I do not smoke weed. I have before as I am pretty sure that many have, at one point or another tried. I have drank my fair share of alcohol as a young adult and I can say the things I have done and witnessed other people doing while drunk are far worse than what I have seen people do when they have smoked weed. Everyone has an opinion on the matter, I was just happy to see someone handle Nancy Grace. May she think twice before cutting someone off when they are speaking.

How do you feel about Nancy Grace? What do you think about 2Chainz? Thoughts on the legalization of marijuana?




6 thoughts on “Nancy Grace vs. 2Chainz…Why?

  1. Lmfao! Too funny! I used to smoke occasionally back in the day and have hung around and still sometimes do hang around people who smoke and I agree that drunk people are more of a threat than stoners. Marijuana relaxes you while alcohol, well it’s all how you take it. Some people drink a few beers to unwind while others let the alcohol wind them up. It can go either way but drunk people can go from super chill and friendly to a rage machine in less than a minute.

    • Yep! That is exactly the point. I am pretty sure that those who are completely against it are the few who have never tried it or don’t know anyone who smokes pretty regularly. Even then, the medical benefits from cannabis oil have been pretty remarkable. Kind of goes back to people not liking something they don’t understand.

  2. She is nuts…. While I dont particularly like two chains the lady just makes all lawyers look psycho. Its frankly hilarious. One of my major exes smoked … a lot. He was also rich, successful and no threat to anyone. Thats all.

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