10 Things to do Instead of Staying Upset/Angry/Sad/Mad

I am in a much better space today. Thank you for the kind words and the time you took to read my semi-meltdown that I had last night. (This has nothing to do with last nights post, I still feel justified) One the bright side, it did cause me to write two whole posts in one day! That deserves some sort of honorable mention at the very least.

Anyway, I am the type of person that gets upset over things that really aren’t that serious. I just don’t do a great job controlling my mouth and I could do a better job picking my battles. I don’t stay angry for long but I can leave a mark on the receiver of my bad attitude. Through this experience I came up with other things that I could have been doing instead of being upset/angry.

1. Read a book/Magazine/Tampon Box. Preferably one that has nothing to do with your current situation. Just kick back and let your mind wonder to somewhere other than where you currently are. If you don’t have a book you can read a magazine or the instructions on the tampon box in the bathroom. Everyone should be aware of how to avoid Toxic Shock Syndrome.


2. Clean/Organize a room or a specific space in your home. Currently, I have a gargantuan pile of laundry on the table downstairs since Saturday that could be folded. I also have two rooms upstairs that I need to clean out prior to my brother moving in. My entertainment center is also stacked with DVD’s and Xbox games that need to be organized in some fashion.


3. Watch TV. When I am down I typically like to watch a horrible reality show like the Bad Girls Club or Vanderpump Rules. No matter what I do in life I will always have my life together in comparison to those fools. If I really just want to cry about something other than what I am going through than I watch the movie Selena. Gets me every time.


4. Take a Relaxing bath. Fill that bad boy up with bubbles and hop on in. I haven’t had a bath since 2008 because my neurologists say that it isn’t safe for someone with Epilepsy to just be chillin’ in any amount of water that one could drown in. I think I am going to take a supervised bath one of these days though. Meaning I have a baby monitor in the room with me and the door open for frequent check-ins. I don’t want to be watched obviously.


5. Have sex or Masturbate. I’m just sayin’.


6.Troll Instagram/Twitter. Search a specific hashtag that typically contains positive images/statements. There is still a good chance that boobs will pop up because it is the internet. That still wouldn’t stop me from getting my browse on.


7.Color or Draw. Sometimes I grab my son’s Spiderman coloring book and go crazy. You would be surprised how calming this actually can be.

8. Write a Thank You Note. It has been shown that being grateful can result in happiness. Think of someone that deserves appreciation and write a simple note.


9. Exercise. Nothing solves anger issues like some happy endorphins.

10. Phone a friend. Sometimes we just need to vent and get it all off of our chest. (some people even late night blog about their feelings.. yes, I’m talking about me.)


So yea, I hope this list is helpful. Pretty much every idea requires no dollars spent or calories consumed. That’s me trying to stick to my goals/resolutions this year. Let’s all be happy together!


8 thoughts on “10 Things to do Instead of Staying Upset/Angry/Sad/Mad

  1. girl, Toxic Shock Syndrome is freaking scary. everyone should know. lol.
    oh man i’m sorry you can’t have a bath – i seriously have one every night and it destresses me like nothing else.

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