Laugh, Even if it Hurts

Clearly I was going through some things last night and in an attempt to feel better I posted it. Then, I decided to name it I Don’t Care, when the entire post was about caring too much. A small genius is what I am…. Obviously I am a very sensitive person and sometimes I am consumed by all of the emotions I feel at one time. I was going to take it down but I think I will just leave it for now. I may read it later on today to see if I am still upset or not. Anyway, As you are well aware, I prefer to laugh when life makes me sad. Here are some things that made me laugh recently.


Stolen from IG this morning. Someone must have known this morning was gonna be a rough one for some of us.


It be like that sometimes though…


The missing apostrophe in I’ve kind of annoys me but it’s still funny.


This happens to me basically everyday.


Someone didn’t look hard enough for a picture with a phone in it.


Why does this happen? It’s completely accidental.

Anyway, I hope this brought you at least a giggle of some sort. It’s Wednesday. Let’s choose to be happy in spite of things out of our control. I have some crazy swollen eye lids this morning so I know today is gonna be awesome!



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