I Am That Girl

A friend of mine was reading this book (I Am That Girl: How to Speak Your Truth, Discover Your Purpose, and #bethatgirl) and the text on the cover alone caught my attention. Doesn’t everyone want to know how to discover your purpose and hone in on what you really are passionate about? I have to immediately fall in love with a book at the beginning or I will just stop reading it. I fall asleep when I read things that don’t interest me. One minute I am reading about which way little red riding hood went in the woods and the next, my eyes are so blurry that it looks like I’m wearing a pair of drunk goggles. A few lines more into a boring book and you can catch me using that bad boy as a pillow that collects the droll falling from my mouth. iam.1

I rarely read any of the text books I needed for class while in college. It still surprises me that I graduated having only read what was necessary to complete assignments and pass tests (granted I didn’t really have any math or science courses). Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy reading, my mind just gets distracted easily and if I’m not into it after the first chapter I am probably asleep with the book on my face or catching up on the latest drama with the Real Housewives.

One of my goals this year is to get my business plan organized and finally share it with people. Up until now I pretty much just keep it to myself out of fear. Fear isn’t going to get me anywhere and if it doesn’t work out than I just have to keep trying different methods until it finally does. This book seems to be something that can go hand in hand with my goals and once I have finished reading it, I will know more specifically and can share that information with you.

I am all for trying to find different forms of inspiration and positivity. I especially love books that encourage camaraderie between women. If you are interested in reading this book with me you can click the image below or here to be connected to Amazon to order one. They also have it available on Barnes and Noble as well.

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4 thoughts on “I Am That Girl

  1. OH my goodness – I am exactly like you when it comes to reading books – it better be good or No Thank you!!! I’m going to have to check this one out!! 🙂

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