Happy Goal Year!


Since it is almost the end of the second week of January, I believe it is a good time to finally set some goals for my life. Every one of you have always been so supportive and I appreciate any accountability you can offer me as well.

1. Create a dang budget and stick to it

2. Drop 20 lbs before my 30th birthday ( I know, I can’t believe I will be thirty either)

3. Do a random act of kindness once per month (minimum)

4. Create a business plan and begin executing

Number one is the most important to me this year. I really need to stay focused on what my goals are and not get sidetracked by senseless spending. I’m working on a list of things I will stop spending money on and allowing myself a certain amount of fun money so that I don’t blow my budget to pieces.

Number two (not the poop kind) is something that has been lingering for the past two-ish years. I just have to stick to it and not let cheese get the best of me. I’m going to log my food daily, register for more races, and be consistent with my workouts.

Number three came about because I have been working on my attitude towards others. This started after my son was born when I decided that I didn’t want to be viewed as ‘mean’ anymore. Really I don’t think I was ever mean, just kind of standoffish. Last year I wrote 30 thank you cards to people in my life that positively impacted me. While it was very time consuming, it was also very rewarding. I feel that it is important to let people know how they have been important to your life while we still have the chance.

The random acts of kindness haven’t been planned out but I am going to do them for people that I know and strangers as well. The people that I know aren’t going to know that it came from me however. I don’t want to get anything from it other than knowing that I did something for someone else.

Number four is kind of scary to me. I haven’t really told anyone what it is that I have in mind because I am afraid of failing. This fear has kind of kept me from being able to even start putting my ideas in writing. I think I will have a busy year but if I start planning than this time next year I can start executing if I haven’t already done that by summer time.

2015 is the year that I turn 30 years old. It is the year for me to stop being afraid of strangers and afraid of doing something great. Join me on my adventure!


Check out that forehead though! lol. Thanks for stopping by.



6 thoughts on “Happy Goal Year!

  1. You got this mama! I suck at budgeting but I’m gonna try a little harder this year. I’ve started the weekly money challenge so at least by the end of the year I’ll have $1,378 to start off 2016. Even the kids are getting involved with a jar of their own, in increments of 25c instead of dollars. It’s something. And I’m VERY excited about hearing your business plan! I’m working up the courage to do mine as well so we can start it together!

    • Thank you! I really need to budget this year. What is the weekly money challenge you are doing? I need to do it now! I think together we can share our business plans with the world! It is just so scary!

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