Missing in action much?

Is anyone out there? Can you hear me? Hello????!? Oh hey, it’s me, Christina. You may not remember me because I am the person who decided to just stop posting for about two weeks while I lived this thing called life. I stopped without even giving any sort of an explanation or warning even though I knew it was about to happen. You see, we get an extended holiday at work and I knew that I wasn’t going to be on the computer much during that time. Initially I planned on writing a post about my absence and then, well, I just didn’t do it. My sincerest apologies.

While I was away I still received notifications that people were checking this little space out. I need to update my blog something terrible now. For example, I haven’t had an ombre in months! Like, almost 6 months.


Here is a lovely picture of the boyfriend and I at our New Year’s Eve dinner. I was a bit emotional that day and may or may not have thrown a tantrum prior to dinner utilizing the 14 year old girl method. “You don’t even want to go eat with me. Wahhhhh!” Just add more whining and complaining about how I couldn’t decide what to wear and almost dragging my boyfriend to the mall before we ate.


We went out with his friends and drank soooo much! I mean we both had at least 5 cups of water that night. Walking around the club all thirsty and stuff. Can’t nobody throw back the H20 quite like we can. It was a good thing that we did drink so much water because the following day/night we both ended up with a horrible case of food poisoning courtesy of Steak -N- Shake. It was amazingly painful. I still have yet to fully recover from that fiasco.

I’ve missed you guys so much! I haven’t even set any goals for myself this year and it is the 6th. I have some posts ready for you guys and I am looking forward to meeting some new people. So stop by and leave a comment so I can get to know you guys!


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