Not so fitness

Tuesdays were the days that I was posting about fitness. Well, in case you haven’t noticed someone has been a bit of a slacker in many aspects of life. And by someone I mean the person typing this blog; and that person would be me. So I worked out a solid one time last week and it was epic! Yay, Christina ate a ton of unhealthy food at the 4 billion Christmas parties at work and then busted out a 45 minute workout to try and balance out life. If I am correct the scoreboard should look a little something like this.

Christina 1 – Calories 120,000


I think that pretty much sums up how I feel about getting any workouts in the last week and a half. It kind of makes me feel a bit sad but then a wise man told me…


I mean, that’s a pretty valid point. So then I got to thinking of a resolution to my issue with food and working out lately and I came up with an incredible idea.


Honestly, isn’t returning something you did not end up liking as much as you thought you would part of the America way? After all of this thinking I really needed to use the restroom (I learn my greatest lessons in the bathroom).


After this I was in the best possible mood and ready to conquer life. I was especially thankful that all of my horrible eating had not yet translated into breaking the scale. This also means that my poor fitness and health decisions are happening at the perfect time. I feel a resolution coming on in a week or so! Happy Tuesday/Eve of Christmas Eve


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