Basketball, life and funny stuff


It’s safe to say we had a pretty good time at the UofL Basketball game, minus the times when they team was just not really doing anything. They were able to pull out a win which is nice.


We also like to sit way at the top because of the baller status that we currently have. Contrary to popular belief, the rich people sit at the top and the broke people sit courtside. We are too valuable to risk a loose ball to the face or a hustle play that results in being tea bagged by your favorite athlete. If you notice, the security guard that took the picture didn’t want my son to be in the picture.


After the game we took another lovely picture with the Christmas trees. My son decided it was time to try and escape during this picture. He wanted to go play on the court, I don’t blame him.


Here is a bit of advice for me. I may expound upon this later in the week but for the moment its just something to consider.


They know their roll and better never try to leave my side!

Now, I shall leave you with something that gave me a pretty big laugh on Instagram this morning…


I really don’t cure that often but I don’t know that any other wording would have made it as hilarious! Thanks for reading this post as I know that it was a bit of a mess. Have a great week!



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