Life Update/Instagram Laughs/YouTube Laughs

There are only 15 days left until Christmas and about 22 days left until it will be the year 2015! I am pretty much ready for Christmas to get here because I hate having a gift for someone and not being able to tell them what it is. I am more excited to give people the gifts that I have for them than I am about what gifts I will be receiving. It is like torture for me to hold it in and not say anything. I still have some gifts that I plan to make but since I’m a huge slacker, I haven’t made it to the store to buy the supplies. Cheers to the procrastinator in me.

I am starting to focus my goals for the new year and will announce those once it gets closer. They are not anything out of the norm for me. This will be my first year with a blog to help hold me accountable. I still have my goals from last year so I will be able to share those and how I did on them for the year.

For some reason whenever I sit down to write a blog post my mind is all over the place. Yesterday I wrote four or five drafts and never managed to get anything together that was worthy of posting for the world to read. I’ve been a bit out of sorts lately so my mind seems to jump from topic to topic while swinging from one emotion to another. You can say that things have been a little rambled in my brain lately.

I get a little more than a week off during Christmas from work so hopefully that will allow me to reset and get my mind right. On a lighter note, here are some Instagram funnies for your Wednesday morning enjoyment.




And some YouTube Laughs.


4 thoughts on “Life Update/Instagram Laughs/YouTube Laughs

  1. hahahaha the celebrities reading the mean tweets get me every time. and um holy shit 15 days till christmas and 22 till the end of the year.. well when you put it like that!

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