Hair problems

I got my hair colored yesterday and it was supposed to be red and it is basically redish roots with brownish hair… I noticed something was wrong when the colorist was washing my hair and stopped to try and dry a piece to see the color. She then said she was going to put a gloss on my hair to help the color stay longer which was strange but I couldn’t see my hair so I just tried to relax. I have a habit of thinking too much into things so I decided to just wait. Once my hair was dry it was clear that the color was not right.

A couple of people tried to fix it but it didn’t work. I’m in my emotional pre-period time so I won’t go too much more into details. I had to keep myself from crying and flipping out about it because it was not intentional. It doesn’t look crazy or anything anymore it just is not what was supposed to happen. I’m going to just try to sit back and wait a few weeks and probably do it myself.

There is always a silver lining however. I am happy that I don’t look like Ronald McDonald and people won’t think that I am a weirdo because I have the hair color of a crayon. I honestly don’t know how long I will wait to get it colored because this is just not working for me. I don’t even want to take a picture of myself. Like I said, I am emotional this week so that is a likely contributor.

In other news, I failed on the plan to stop drinking carbonated beverages. I am going to try again. I have to control myself and realize that it is really just not good for me. I have been slacking on working out since last week and I’m going to get back at that too. My mood is always better when I am doing physical activity.

I know this has been one post full of complaints about very trivial things. I’ll stop here and head elsewhere on the internet to locate some smiles for myself.



2 thoughts on “Hair problems

    • I used to dye my hair all the time and never got upset with the results. Plus it was cheaper. I am probably going to have to start doing that again to avoid being angry about it. lol

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