Current Mood + Beyonce’s new video

It’s the Monday of the holiday week and when I look at my computer I’m just like…


It is so hard to focus and actually work knowing that I only have to work 2.5 days this week. All I can think about is leaving at 12 on Wednesday and not coming back until Monday.

If anyone walks by my desk they might catch me doing a little bit of this..


My boss took the week off so I should be able to get my job done without anyone interrupting me. If someone tries to ask me to do anything besides my own job I may hit em with this…


I’m sure you are sick of hearing my complaints so I’ll give you something else to look at. Beyoncé released her newest music video.

What do you think? Do you like it? Hate it?


5 thoughts on “Current Mood + Beyonce’s new video

  1. i haven’t seen beyonce’s new video and i can’t watch it at work, womp womp. i’m not a huge beyonce fan anyway, i’m not against her or anything and recognise she’s a badass, duh, and i’m sure her new song and video are amazing 🙂

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