Yeezy taught me

I know that there has been a lot of speculation about whether or not Kim K’s original picture was photo shopped. I called some of my famous friends and scored and interview with Yeezy himself. Surprisingly he was very forthcoming and was able to uncover the truth. The picture below is indeed the original photo that has not been retouched. Yeezy said that it was supposed to be the photo to ‘break the internet’ but since this was Paper Magazine’s first attempt at using photo shop, they made some mistakes.

The original photo shop plan only included making Kanye’s head appear smaller thus creating the illusion that the size of his head did not determine the size of his ego. Kim was not to be retouched at all he said. Yeezy went on to tell me that Kim does not like to look foolish so she played along with the released photo rather than trying to back track. She doesn’t want to look unprofessional by bashing Paper Magazine for an obvious error so she followed suit.


Yeezy, being the outspoken man that he is, said that he had no problem stating his opinion by tweeting the incorrect picture with the hashtag #ALLDAY. He was simply sending a message to Paper Magazine that they will, from here on out be subjected to listening to Kanye West’s new audio book series “I love Kanye”, “Kanye is me” and “I am Kanye” every day, all day until they release a statement and the correct photo. I reached out to Paper Magazine for a statement and they have yet to respond.

Yeezy went on to share a photo from the holiday dinner he put together for his entourage. Kanye wants people to see that he does have a heart and cares about others. He made it very clear that he is all about family and supporting those that help him succeed.


Yeezy was even kind enough to invite me to see their new house once they stop filming Keeping up with the Kardashians. I told him that Beyoncé would not approve of me being in the same vicinity as Kim and regretfully declined the offer.

I hope that I was able to bring clarity to the misunderstanding that occurred with Kim’s cover photo. Kanye informed me that he would be absolutely delighted to do another interview regarding the photo’s that are inside the magazine. He stated that he has the original picture that should have been printed. I informed Kanye that it wouldn’t be necessary; we now believe everything he said.

For all other things Kanye please click here. Happy Wednesday friends!

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10 thoughts on “Yeezy taught me

  1. i had no idea that photo was even released. fake or not, people just love to complain about shit (i heard that there was an “uproar”). i swear, if it weren’t for the blogosphere, i wouldn’t know what’s going on in the world!

  2. This post gave me life ahahah I need to do a Kanye post again soon. I just love love love to not love him. I remember the days when he could do no wrong! Secretly I still love the dummy. As for the pic… I really have nothing to say. We’ve seen her bits before havent we?

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