Climb for the “L” of it/Shattered phones


My friend Pam and I smashing out some photo’s before we begin the Climb for the “L” of it. This event was to benefit cystic fibrosis and I was very happy to see that many people still turned out. Especially since it was like 28 degrees that morning. I have no idea what is happening with my leg there so lets just pretend like I did it on purpose. I had on about 17 shirts and only one pair of pants. Too many layers can be uncomfortable to me.

We started on the far left side of the stadium and would go up on the left side of each section and down the stairs on the right. Then we would run across the front row to the next section and do it again. Half of the stadium was 1500 stairs and the entire section was 3000. After the first three sections my legs didn’t hurt anymore and were basically on autopilot. The difficult part was breathing the cold air, especially when I would get to the top. I planned on trying to do all 3000 stairs but I was getting annoyed and ready to eat some food so I stopped at the 1500 mark. Next year I will do the entire 3000! I just hope that it is warmer.


I am pretty happy about getting a picture with our head football coach, Bobby Petrino, immediately after finishing the stairs. My legs were shaking and steam was coming off of my head but it was worth it. He smelled pretty nice. I’ve had my issues with him but he was really nice about the picture when I asked him to take it with me. This is his first year back as head coach and I have had trouble accepting it. After our short interaction I am going to forgive him so we can move forward. (If you aren’t sure what I am talking about you can google Bobby Petrino and find out about his poor life choices.)


Not more than 5 minutes later I dropped my phone on the ground and shattered it. I couldn’t even swipe the screen open without wearing smart phone friendly gloves because I was getting small pieces of glass in my finger. I had too many endorphins running through me after the stair climb to even be mad about it.


Since I haven’t given put up any pictures of me when I have showered in awhile, here you go. I still haven’t changed this hair color but it is starting to have an orange tint to it so I believe it may be time.

How was your weekend?


6 thoughts on “Climb for the “L” of it/Shattered phones

  1. way to go girl! i don’t think i could have made it to the halfway mark, so awesome! oh your poor phone and your poor fingers – i broke my phone at Derby (stupid cobblestoney grounds) in 2013. so not fun. love that picture of you, you are rocking the red lip!

    • I think you can do it! Just as mental as running in my opinion. Broken phones are the worst! Especially because I hate to have to buy a new phone when mine was doing alright. Thank you!

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