Recognizing talent even if I don’t want to….

Taylor Swift is someone that I never really cared for. She got on my nerves and I can’t even say why, she just wasn’t for me. This morning I heard Taylor’s new song Blank Space on the radio and I kind of felt like I liked it. This was confusing so when I arrived to my destination I looked up that music video faster than Kanye snatched the mic out of her hand in 2009. Deep down I was hoping that the video would be garbage and I could go back to my regular life without Taylor in it. Why did the video have to be so dang good? See for yourself.

After listening to this song I feel that I may have been to hard on poor Taylor. She seems so relatable all of a sudden and for so long even the thought of Taylor made me want to punch myself in the face and search for immediate shelter from whatever nonsense she was singing/speaking about. I don’t even watch the episodes of the voice that she is on.

Who am I? I guess I have realized that maybe when she was writing all of those break-up songs she really was hurt. I mean, boys/men can be heartless and that ish cuts pretty deep; especially when you give your all  to them and they give their all to everyone else. No loyalty. What I’m saying is, I get it Taylor, I get it.

To assure you that I haven’t gone completely insane I also want to introduce you to Fatai. I don’t actually know her in really life but recently I came across her YouTube channel and was blown away! She covers different songs and can I just tell you that she is freakin’ AMAZING!!! Seriously though. Listen to her cover Sia’s Chandelier.

Go check out her YouTube channel and see what else she is working with. She is overflowing with talent! Welll, I guess I should get back to humping this Wednesday right along.

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