Debt: Student loan misery

Student loans are one of the worst parts of my life… I don’t even have words to describe my distain for them so I decided to explain it via internet meme’s. I don’t directly relate to all of them but I’m sure someone will. Something really needs to be done about this or it is just going to continue to get worse.


Now if this isn’t the truth…


All student loan organizations… Nelnet, KHESLC…etc..


He has to smile to keep from crying….




He can take Ke$ha with him..


This would be awesome!




and finally….



6 thoughts on “Debt: Student loan misery

  1. best post ever! I am not sure why but reading this post made me feel a little better about my next payment being due tomorrow. at least we all hate them just as much!

  2. haha fact I am an attorney and Ive been done with school three years now and while my parents paid for most of it, I still have a loan that I grind my teeth at every single month when it leaves my account. Every month I get angry!

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