Life advice from the Internet

I don’t know about you but I am all about #Daquanfromstaples, you can have #Alexfromtarget.



You should take Daquan’s approach to being at work. You are there to make your customer/guest happy and if that means that you have to walk around like an Ostrich in heat, than so be it! Alex looks like his mom made him get a part-time job at Target so that she can get the 10% discount during the holidays. (I don’t blame her, my son may get the same treatment)

I’m just saying, Alex has every reason to be happy! I mean, Daquan was probably called in to work on his day off from Staples (considering he isn’t even wearing the ‘staples uniform’). He came in positive and energetic! Don’t be #AlexFromTarget. Be #DaquanFromStaples

Upon arriving at work today I realized that the below image is necessary for me to successfully complete the day. Can I go home and hug my blanket and watch TV? No?


I did steal the above pic from Fab Chic Gets Fit’s IG account because it spoke to me. When I think a little more though I believe that this already exists in a liquid form, I believe they call it RedBull. Just maybe.

Now this is the epitome of beauty. This is everything I wish I was doing right now. You may think that picture is of Jay Z but you are mistaken. It is in fact me, last night, after a long day.


I’m assuming that after you read the above caption your first thought was….


I love a good quote. I mean, you must give credit where it is due. Remember kids, plagiarism is wrong! Always cite your sources no matter how small the quote may seem.

Are you struggling to get that date from your classmate/co-worker? No need to worry. There is a simple solution to get that special someone to join you for a night out.


I’m just saying..


The Hump Day Blog Hop

6 thoughts on “Life advice from the Internet

  1. I pinned that cocaine/coffee pic on Pinterest, and it is probably one of the most repined things I’ve ever posted. LOL, “all of a sudden sugar tits is hungry now.” Cracking up, thanks for the hump daaaaaay funnies! ❤

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