November Fitness Goals

Staying motivated to complete health and fitness goals can be challenging for me. Mainly because I can eat Mac & Cheese with bacon, covered in queso and wrapped in a flour tortilla topped with shredded cheese and more queso. On the side I’d eat the skin from fried chicken, you can keep the meat, I just want that crispy fried goodness on the outside. I can follow that up with a handful of Oreo’s dipped in melted chocolate; white or dark, I’m not picky. I just love to eat food. I like my share of healthy food as well. I think the difficult part for me is knowing that something is bad; it makes me want it so much more. Like speeding for example. I know I am not supposed to do it, I’ve experienced the consequences from it, yet I still do it. What can I say, it’s the thug in me.


If only in life you could choose to eat healthy or exercise and whichever you chose would give you the same results. For instance, working out is easier for me than eating healthy. So if I workout 5 days a week than I should have the body of an Olympic athlete while still being able to eat Chipotle and Qdoba. Or, let’s say that I am good at healthy eating but I hate lifting my left finger to scratch my nose when it itches. I should automatically have abs for days!


Eating right and working out can be hard work and requires discipline. I know that technically if I eat right regularly than I don’t have to work out in order to lose weight. I mean, that is ultimately what will help eliminate the fat deposits (at least for me). The problem is, that I want to have muscles and run fast. That way if I ever get caught in a zombie apocalypse I know that I can fight those bad boys off and then run away from the rest of them as they chase after my nicely toned booty just hoping they can have a bite.


This month, I have set three fantastic goals related to my fitness. I’m sharing them with you today and will check back and let you know how I did. I know I can achieve these goals as long as I fight off those temporary mental battles. I must have self control! Like resisting the buckets of candy, cakes, chips, and cokes all over the place at work.


Without further ado, here are my goals for November.

1. Track my food Daily (even if it is a cheat meal) This helps me see how the bad food can quickly add up to a weight gain.

2. Workout 3-5 days per week. I have been able to do this for the last couple of weeks. Some days I have to force myself to do it. Literally ever thought in my mind is telling me to sit on the couch and watch the Real Housewives verbal assault one another. The good thing is, once I have started the workout, I am happy to be doing it. The hardest part is getting started.

3. No soda for 21 days. I may continue beyond that point but I don’t want to say that I won’t have it ever again because then I feel too restricted and I want to quit immediately. We have already established that some rules are difficult for me to follow. Even if I created those rules.

Feel free to join me this month and set some goals of your own, or, you can use my goals. I’m all about sharing and stuff. What are your health and fitness goals? What helps you stay on track and motivated to accomplish those goals?

Disclaimer: I am not a fitness expert, nor do I have any training in said field. I have done this research on my own. Consult a physician before making any drastic changes to your lifestyle. Also, the J-Law GIFs are not a coincidence. You’re welcome.



8 thoughts on “November Fitness Goals

  1. good luck girly!! you can totally do it on the soda – if i can, you can! 21 days or forever, its so worth it!
    i wish i could just do one (eat healthy or exercise) as well. its funny though, if i work out regularly, i want the bad stuff less. i still want it because i am me, but it’s like once a week rather than every day. if i’m not exercising (aka now) i eat worse. i eat mainly healthy, but then i snack (chips, dip, candy, ice cream… yum) and that’s what does me in. by the by i freaking love the skin on the fried chicken, YUM.

  2. if only food was not so delicious (especially cheese), life would be so much easier!! I have worked out religiously 5-6 a week since May and it is now an addiction/obsession (even tho lots of times i have to make myself bc I really don’t feel like it). I just cannot seem to make the healthy eating a habit! i do well at work but i tend to lose control on weekends, especially when surrounded by free food. if only we could invent something to maintain an 18 year old metabolism forever, i think choosing one or the other would work. lets get on that!

  3. baby steps, C! baby steps. that’s what i had to do to stay on track and keep going. i’m the type of person to get overwhelmed easily so i need to take things slowly at first and as i gain momentum, i take on more. when i first started my journey, i only did one thing at a time. first was cutting out all the crappy foods – that was it. for 3wks i worked to clean up my diet and only cut out the processed garbage, sugar and junk food/desserts/sweets. man, that was hard.

    then when i had that down, i started working out. not anything crazy but a quick 4-minute workout that was hard enough to make me feel like i accomplished something but short enough that i felt horrible for NOT doing it because seriously, who doesn’t have FOUR MINUTES to spare?? i did this workout twice a day and then i when i felt good about that, i went to the 30day shred. by then, i was in full-on fitness boner mode and did insanity (OMFG) followed by p90x and so on. i have never felt or looked better!

    you can do this! just be patient and form the habit..that’s the most important thing…forming the habit 🙂

    • Thank you! Your advice is so helpful and encouraging! I know that I am capable, I just need to stay focused on me and what I want. I have done insanity before and it was hard but I loved it. I was not eating that well when I did it so obviously the results were not as good as they could have been.

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