Toddler Halloween Time


There is nothing better in the world than a toddler with fake muscles flexing in Target. I procrastinated something terrible this year in purchasing my son’s Halloween costume. We went on Saturday and to my surprise there were not many choices left in his size. He could choose between Captain America and Iron man. The choice is above of course. Like the good parent that I am, I had to make sure it fit him. So right in the store we put the costume on over his clothes and bam! You’ve got a superhero!

I do have a massive complaint against Target and maybe all stores for that matter. Why, in the toy section, do the little girls have an entire aisle dedicated to dress-up clothes from all of their movies? The little boys have a couple of face masks and a ninja turtle shell. My son likes to dress up just as much as the little girls do. He changes his clothes a dozen times on the weekends and pretends to take on the powers of whatever character or design is on his shirt. I would just like to see an aisle of clothing that my son could put on, year round and pretend to be Jake or Spiderman. I’d let him wear that outfit all weekend long and we would even go to the store that way. You only get to be a kid one time. He can live it up. I have let him wear his Halloween costume at least once everyday this week since we got it. Thankfully they are doing something in daycare/pre-school today so he could wear it all day long and show off his guns.

I am looking forward to this Halloween way more than the last couple of years. He is three and he can say trick or treat. He can enjoy the people that we will see and loves being in costume. Last year I had to persuade him to wear it, even just for a few minutes. My little boy is growing up so fast and everyday I love him more and more. I can’t wait until Friday to see how much fun we have!


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