Climb for the “L” of it & Thirty-One

I am continuously looking for ways to challenge myself physically while also helping out a good cause. Last year I did a 5K called “Run Like Hell” to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. This year they emailed me about the run again but they also added the Climb for the L of it.


This obviously caught my attention for three reasons. I am an alumnus for the University of Louisville, I love the football team, and it was a different challenge for me. The first thing I did was check with my usual racing partner to see if she wanted to do it with me. She wanted to but was going to be out of town. I checked with a few other friends and they were kind of reluctant to do it. I decided to sign up and do it by myself. Click this link if you are local and would like to participate.

I don’t usually like to do these kinds of things alone because I am a little afraid of strangers and I can be awkward when I don’t know anyone. I’ve put myself into very similar situations my entire life which would make one think that I would be over this fear by now. I’m not. Like that time I began to sell Thirty-One and didn’t know anyone on the team. I go to meetings with these strangers but through our messages I am getting more comfortable with these ladies. Feel free to visit this link if you want to get something for you or friend. It can all be monogrammed of course.

The point of this post is to remember to challenge yourself. Whether that be personally or professionally. I am trying to stay focused on my health and fitness. I want and need to. The closer I get to 30 the more I realize that this is the best time to do it.

What are your fitness goals?


6 thoughts on “Climb for the “L” of it & Thirty-One

  1. challenge yourself is a great attitude to have. i sometimes get way too comfortable and don’t do anything challenging or exciting. that climb for the L of it sounds interesting, i am not sure if i could do it though!

  2. I took me a minute to figure out “For the L of it.” Duuuuuh, marla! I have a friend and 3 of his 4 children have CF (can you even imagine??), so this is near and dear to me. I think it’s good to change things up as far as fitness. You got this!!

    • Lol! It’s alright. I don’t think most people would know if they didn’t live in the area without putting some thought into it. I’ll will keep your friend and his family in my thoughts during the stair climb. They will motivate me to not quit! Stairs are the worst.

  3. i sooo wish i could do this one with you 😦 i know you will do great at it though and hopefully i will be available if they have another!

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