Single Parent Struggles

This morning has been a rough one. Well, it didn’t really get difficult until I was in the car and headed to drop my son off at daycare. He was really sad and wanted to spend the day with me rather than going to daycare while I am at work. It got even worse when we were in his daycare class room. I got him settled in to his seat and the teacher was going to read a book. As soon as I got ready to leave he burst into tears.

I know how he feels. Not completely of course. I hate that I have to leave him there so that I can work. He has been in daycare since he was a baby and for the most part he has handled it very well. On the days that he doesn’t, I want to call off from work and spend the day with him. If only it were that easy.

Working is not a choice for me. I don’t hate it, I like being able to go to work and provide for my son and I. It is hard being a single, working mom. Especially since his dad is not there. I think I resent that fact a lot. It is hard to get through every sickness and every bad day that my son has. I would never give that up; sometimes it is just really difficult and I get really angry with myself for allowing such a horrible person in my life to begin with.

I have my son which I would not trade for anything else in this world. Today just sucks, and it is hard. I am at work so I have to be a big girl and put my professional face on. No one likes a crier at the office.

Anyone have any good meme’s or YouTube videos for me to check out? Laughter always makes me feel better. Here is one of him doing a celebratory cheer after I caught a miniature football he spiked to the ground.


6 thoughts on “Single Parent Struggles

  1. hey girl, i hope things pick up soon! i know its hard (i only know from being a child of a single mother, of course, not a single mother myself!) but you are amazing and awesome and you love your son and are doing the best you can. think about how we feel about our mothers.. your son will feel the same way about you! you’re a rockstar.
    ps that video sounds cute – couldn’t watch it though, it was private 😦

    • Thank you. I always have a bit of guilt with him. I made the video public so you should be able to view it now. It’s a short 27 seconds 🙂 . Thank you for being supportive.

  2. I’m sorry this had to happen on a Monday. No fair. I give mad props (did I really just say ‘mad props?’) to all the single Mama’s out there, and I can’t imagine how much it must tug at your heart strings when he doesn’t want you to go to work. Just remember all you have done and accomplished on you own for your sweet boy. He’ll be better because of it.
    That video is super cute!!! ❤

    • Thank you! He was perfectly happy when I picked him up. I appreciate the mad props lol! I plan to bring back all the old slang when I turn 40 just so my son and his friends can make fun of me. I’m saying it now so that when it happens it will be like I planned it… not sure that is any better.. Thanks for having such a kind heart!

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