Favorite Instagram Steals

Anytime I come across something on Instagram that is either funny or a quote that I agree with I like it and screenshot it. Sometimes, I even repost it because the world needs to experience the joy that I felt upon viewing the IG post. So now, I share these with you.

insta.4I know I am not the only one out there and yes, I will post it to IG. #Iwokeuplikedis

insta.5Except, I am a LOT sensitive. #thuggedout

insta.1If this were true, I would never hold another fart in again! I do really wish it were. #Easyweightloss

insta.8I mean, spread knowledge. #LivinglifeontheEdge

insta.6If you don’t know what this is, you had an easy life. #grindin’


insta.9This one!!! #IjustCan’t


That’s a wrap for today folks. I don’t have many words today.. just pictures. Yay for no reading on Friday!



8 thoughts on “Favorite Instagram Steals

  1. Lol I don’t know what the knuckle buster 3000 thing is.. sorry! i have thought that about the ‘&’ though thats so funny 🙂 I never saw ‘seen’ but I say saw and it sounds like ‘sor’ and KC always makes fun of me lol

    • It was a pencil sharpener before we had the electric ones. You would put a pencil in it and manually turn the lever on the side; except it was always really close to the wall so you would hit your knuckles on the wall if you weren’t paying attention. lol. Sometimes people say. “I seen you yesterday.” instead of “I saw you yesterday.” I think those people should be punched. I just pronounced saw ‘sor’ multiple times in my head and I am now convinced that we all should say it that way. Just sounds better. 🙂

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