Virtual Complaints/Confessions

We must take advantage of social media and use it to our benefit; aside from stalking strangers and making sure that a ex-friend is doing alright (or not) because you guys just can’t seem to work out your disagreement. Utilizing social media to connect with companies that your regularly do business with is an incredible tool, especially when you are having a difficult time getting a response. Companies do not like negative publicity and those negative experiences with large organizations can go viral pretty quickly. It may be necessary to Instagram your bad experience or tweet how terrible the company is and @ them so they know it’s real.

Sometimes when a restaurant messes up my order, I am actually not all that mad because I can typically send an email online regarding my ‘disappointing experience’ and they will send me something free so that I keep my mouth shut…. Is this really that bad? I mean, sometimes I am really mad because I was starving and Panera gave me a salad like this….


I went through the drive-thru so by the time I got back to work and saw it, there was nothing to be done. I was so livid! Am I supposed to starve because I am trying to eat healthy? No. Not to mention, Panera Bread is not cheap and I should be getting what I am told I will be receiving when I make a rare appearance. They also were the worst at replying to my email and sent me a generic response about how much they care about me. I replied and haven’t heard anything…. Panera Bread strike has begun and I am telling any and everyone to stay away until I feel better about my experience with a tiny salad.


Some of you may remember my AT&T battle that I posted about here. Well, after I slammed them on twitter and they said they were going to call but didn’t, I realized that it meant they really didn’t love me. I was caught by surprise when a representative contacted me a week later than scheduled. I tried to explain my initial frustration with the live chat and he didn’t seem to understand why I was upset. Exhausted from dealing with it, I simply said, “If I were in a relationship with someone and they told me they were going to call me and it took them a week to do it, I would terminate that relationship. I feel that may now be necessary concerning my relationship with AT&T.” I didn’t really expect anything from them at this point but to my surprise they waived my bill for the month.


With all of that being said, I do not ‘plan’ for a negative experience or encourage one to happen. I do however, take my money very seriously and if I am spending it with you than I expect to receive what I was promised in exchange. I understand that mistakes happen and typically I try to resolve it amicably. If this is not possible, I then begin to use all of the tools that are in my box to be sure that something does happen.

One very important point as well, I am not rude to people in person or on the phone unless they initiate and then I just let the thug come right out of me. I do not want to cause anyone to have a bad day, I just want resolution. There is no need to be hateful to someone for no reason. Besides, being nice will get you much further than being a jerk.

I would also like to mention that I do contact the companies when I have had exceptional experiences as well. I know that people are more likely to complain when something is wrong rather than when they are satisfied so I want to create a balance.

Now hope on over to check out what other people confess to doing and maybe you will find someone that shares a deep emotional connection with you and how you feel about Mexican food.

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8 thoughts on “Virtual Complaints/Confessions

    • That’s horrible! I can say that AT&T did follow through on waiving my bill but I didn’t get off of the phone until I saw it online. I don’t understand why cable companies are the worst offenders. You would think they would do better considering how many options we have now. Sorry for your bad experiences.

  1. I am the same way – whether an exceptional or AWFUL experience – I will call the company – I have this on again off again thing with Ford Motor Company – over the LEMON I drive – with the transmission that dies FOR NO REASON – and it basically went from the dealer telling me it was MY fault (so not my fault by the way) – to the Company dealing with my complaint directly.
    Which took MONTHS.

    I hate when companies can’t just do the right THING.
    Why they make us jump through hoops for their gaffs is BESIDES me.

    • Oh man! If it were related to my vehicle I don’t know how I would handle that. Car trouble is probably one of the most frustrating issues to deal with (that and home repairs). Insurance companies are also a hassle. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I have similar issues with Sprint. Phone companies in general just STINK! I do the same thing as you and usually you can get something out of it so it’s not as bad 🙂

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