Favorties Compilation

Friday favorites!!! YAY!!! I want to buy all of this stuff but I don’t want to spend any dollars. Well, I want to spend them, I just don’t have them in that category of spendability (not a real word, but a fun word.)

This Kate Spade wallet would go perfectly in any bag I would choose to carry. Except, it would be completely empty because I would have spent too many dollars trying to buy it. Maybe next year.

I want this North Face 3-in-1 so bad! It would definitely keep me warm this year and I need that in my life. I don’t need the price tag however. Way too expensive for these tiny pockets.


This cookbook needs to be on my shelf. Why? because the title is ‘Thug Kitchen’. I obviously need it to survive. It has some healthy recipes for real eaters to enjoy. I seriously may get this cookbook though. I really feel like I should have authored this book; maybe I did, in my sleep or something.


Finally, I have always wanted a MacBook. I never want to pay for it. My laptop was about $700 and that was a lot for me to spend. I know it is an investment but for me, it just is not worth the money right now.


This was obviously a very random compilation of things that I want right now, but hey, I’m random. Go check out some other Friday favorites.



14 thoughts on “Favorties Compilation

  1. Those are some fabulous favorite things! I know Dooney & Bourke make bags and wallets with that exact same print, I’ve seen it at Macy’s! I guarantee it is much cheaper than what the Kate Spade version is! They also have pink with white polka dots tha I have been coveting. Thug Kitchen blog has changed my life. I hardly make the recipes, I just have suh a blast reading it. Always been on the fence with North Face, but that jacket is pretty damn cute!

    • Seriously? I am going to have to check out the Dooney & Bourke bags for sure! I had no idea about the Thug Kitchen Blog until I saw the book. I feel so connected to it, like it is already a part of my life! lol. I’m weird like that.

  2. I’m sort of dreading looking at the price for the North Face 3-in-1 – it’s exactly what I need this winter too!! Stopping by from the link-up and hope you have a great weekend!!

  3. I so totally agree with you on the Macbook. I’ve been DYING for one but the price of it is just ridiculous!! You can get an HP with equal specs and still pay way less. You’re mainly paying for the name which totally sucks.

  4. I’ve never owned a Kate Spade anything…but I have bought some stuff for a friend who loved Kate Spade. I think I’m fine with the cheaper JustFab stuff. And I’ve always wanted a Macbook too…but the price…holy hell. Thankfully, my parents bought me a new laptop for my birthday (late birthday gift) and I absolutely love it. It’s got a touch screen and everything.

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