La Familia


Never mind the quality, this picture is epic! My mom looks thrilled to be a single parent with six children. We celebrated her 54th birthday yesterday and we had a lovely time. My youngest brother David (chubby baby), grandma, grandpa, aunt, my son and I had a lovely Mexican feast and laughed at these pictures. Let’s break this down shall we.

Let’s start with me. I am the most stylish one in this picture. My mom hooked me up. Fly red blazer with a floral dress underneath. Mushroom come over hairstyle that she even took time to curl. You couldn’t tell me nothing. Except, I don’t even remember this picture and I am guessing by my fat baby brother that I was probably about 4 years old at the time.

Speaking of my fat baby brother. He looks like someone just jumped from behind the camera in attempt to scare the poop out of him. Fat babies are the most adorable and squeezable. I was a very skinny baby, definitely making up for it now. In my family, fat babies grow up to be tall, lean and handsome. I wish I could have been a fat baby. Just look at those cheeks! Love it.

The rest of the kids look pretty normal, Jason (bottom right) looks a bit annoyed but his face always looks like that these days.  Jared (Top right) looks like he just at a black sucker or something but other than that, pretty normal face. Same goes for Jeremy (bottom center) and Kenny (top left).

Let’s focus on the real model here; my mom. Aside from her 1989 (guesstimate) fro with some long straight something else happening, she is rocking the poufy sleeves. I for one, love big sleeves, no hating there. When I look at her expression it is funny to me initially. She looks like she is about to snatch the camera from the photographer for being such a jerk (although we don’t know if that is the case or not.) The truth behind the day in question will not be revealed however, my grandmother did point out that this was a very difficult point in my mothers life.

I can only speculate as I do not know the specifics but I am 91% sure this is the time she and my dad divorced. My dad was awful to my mom. He is the epitome of a womanizer. She never said one negative word about my dad and to this day, I still can’t recall one. He was never really in our lives and still really isn’t. I’ve only seen the man about 10 times in my life that I can recall and none of them are really even memorable.

So much has changed in the last 25ish years since this picture happened. I am happy that we are able to look back at this picture and laugh at it rather than remember what was going on at that time. I don’t remember the struggles we faced, I’m sure my mom does. She did a fabulous job taking care of us. There are some things that I have always felt could have been done differently, everyone can say that when they are not in the position to do it. I KNOW that I could not raise 6 children by myself without going crazy.

My mom is my hero. I can only hope that I will be comparable to her and that my son will see me in that way. Being a parent is the most difficult job you will ever have. You never know if you are doing it right and everyone has their own opinion of what you should or should not do.

This little message is for all of you.


You know I can’t let Monday start without something to laugh at. Thanks again for the well wishes you sent my son’s way. He is recovering wonderfully from his time with Strep. Have a great Monday!


6 thoughts on “La Familia

  1. oh my gosh, that picture is amazing! your mom looks so young, and gorgeous. your dad sounds like mine, unfortunately, and your mom sounds like mine as well. except my mum certainly had some bad things to say about my piece of shit father 😉 thank goodness for mothers, right?

    • I know right! I can’t even imagine the headache and the heartache from trying to do everything and at times falling short, just because it is impossible to be everywhere at once. 🙂

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